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Academic and Research Staff
Prof Junkai Chen  Male, BSc
Biomechanical PhD tutor; Sichuan Province Academic Technology leader, Chairman of Sichuan Province biomedical engineering institute; Director of National Biomedical engineering institute; published more than 70 academic articles and 1 academic monograph. Research interests focus on cardiovascular blood flow mechanics, blood circulatory system simulation and artificial heart valves.
Prof Nanshan Ai  Male, BSc
Natural Geography and Environmental Science PhD tutor, more than 300 published papers globally; awarded by provincial and ministerial level technology and scientific achievements first prize twice; third prize three times; prepared 5 academic monographs. Research interests focus on environmental management and pubic policy, Human habitation environment and theory landform.
Prof Zhirun Yuan  Male, BSc
Biomedical Engineering PhD tutor, Laboratory Director of the provincial biomechanical key research disciplines lab; director of National computer science society, director of National mechanics institute, National biomedical engineering institute biomechanics committee member. National scientific and technology progress premium award, National education commission technology progress second prize, Sichuan province higher education achievement second prize and benefit from state council special government allowances. Published over 40 papers in leading academic, prepared 1 academic monograph; Research interests focus on biomechanics, biomedical engineering.
Prof Qizhi Wang  Male, PhD
Solid mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering PhD tutor. Sichuan Province fundamental Architectural foundation institute committee member; Sichuan province academic technology leader; benefit from state council special government allowances; 1997 awarded by the former state board of Education bureau scientific and technology progress third prize (first hand editor); 2003 National education bureau national science second prize (first hand editor ). More than 50 published journals archived in SCI, EI index. Research interest focus on materials (concrete, geotechnics, composite materials) structural damage, fracture, structural liability and failure analysis.
Prof Qingyuan Wang  Male,  PhD (France),   Dean of the Faculty
Solid mechanics and structural engineering PhD tutor. Deputy-director of the National experimental mechanics committees. Vise-chairman of Sichuan province architectural institute. His research activity is focused on Very High Cycle Fatigue, Accelerated Fatigue Testing Method, Mechanical Behavior of Structural Materials and Structures under Fire/Cyclic Loading, Mechanical Behavior and Durability of Recycled Aggregate Concrete, Composite Repairs of damaged Structures. He received his PhD from Ecole Centrale Paris, France, followed by postdoctoral experience in Faculty of Engineering of Purdue University, USA, and JSPS fellow at Kagoshima University, Japan. Prof. Wang has published over 120 technical papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Wang was Enlisted Scientist for “100 Talents Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003. He received the Excellent Young Teachers Program Award in 2003, New Century Excellent Talents Program Award in 2005, First class Natural Science Award of Research in 2006 from National Ministry of Education, and the special award of Chinese Central Government in 2008.

Prof Fanyu Bo  Male,  PhD
Biomechanics and fluid mechanics PhD tutor. Committee member of the World biomechanics institute; Director of National biomedical engineering institute, Vise-chairman of National biomechanics institute committees; 2003 awarded by National education bureau scientific and technology progress second prize, 2004 awarded by Sichuan province higher education achievement second prize; Published papers over 170. Research interest focus on biomechanics
Prof Ya Tang  Male,  PhD
PhD tutor, Sichuan Province academic and technology leader, Sichuan Province science technology advisory panel consultant, Director of Sichuan province environmental engineering key experimental laboratory, Deputy-director of the US and China Jiuzhaigou ecological environmental and sustainable development international cooperative laboratory; committee member of Sichuan province audit committee. Published more than 180 papers, articles and monographs world-wide; Research interest focus on environmental ecology and botany. 
Prof Wenju Jiang   Male,   PhD
PhD tutor, Candidate of Sichuan province academic and technology leader. 2006-2010 National education bureau higher education environmental engineering teaching guidance committee member; National environmental science institute environmental education committee member, Awarded by Sichuan Province scientific and technology progress second prize once; provincial education technology award three times; Over 70 published papers, prepare and published 7 textbooks and 2 awarded patents applications. Main research interests focus on pollution control and resource management, energy and environmental, environmental materials and ecology protection etc. 
Prof Pin Yang  Male,  PhD
Environmental engineering PhD tutor, Head of environmental science and engineering department; Executive director of Chinese marsh gas institute; Candidate of Sichuan province academic and technology leader, more than 90 published papers, 5 awarded patents applications, 3 published textbooks; Awarded by Sichuan University (SCU) grand education achievement second prize once; Main research interest focus on water pollution and resource management, pollution control and resource management
Prof Dezhong Dan  Male,  PhD
PhD tutor, Sichuan province academic and technology leader; Executive director of Sichuan environmental science institute committees; Director of Sichuan province environmental science institute environmental monitoring department; Sichuan province analysis examination institute environmental and food safety department director; More than 100 published papers, chief editor of teaching materials and 4 academic monographs; Main research interests focus on equipment analysis, environmental monitoring and evaluation etc.
Prof Dalu Tan  Female,  MS
Deputy-director of Civil engineering department; Sichuan province academic and technology leader; chief editor of more than 10 published textbooks; awarded twice (second prize, third prize) by Sichuan province higher education achievement award; over 10 published papers. Research interest focus on engineering project management, investment proposal, real estate evaluation and contracts management etc
Prof Xinpei Zhang  Male,  Master
Master tutor, National chartered first tier structural engineer, second tier chartered architects; Sichuan province structural engineering academic and technology leader; published papers over 50, prepared 4 monographs and 3 National standards; 1 National leading practical patent, awarded  second prize and third prize in the provincial technology development award. Research mainly interest focus on structural reliability, structural seismic, structural detection and reinforcement etc
Prof Junliu Yang   Male,  Master
Master tutor, more than 20 published papers, ‘85 scientific and technology challenge’ first prize award, National light industry engineering scientific and technology progress award first prize; National defence and technology institute second prize, published 1 academic monograph. Research interest: industry fluids mechanics, environmental mechanics.  
Prof Shilun Qin   Male,   Master
Director of Sichuan province mechanics institute committees, over 20 published papers, 2 academic monographs. Awarded by Sichuan province ‘Outstanding Master Graduates award’, Sichuan province grand education achievement award second prize, Sichuan province excellent teachers award, Sichuan province premier teaching award; Research interest focus on mechanical calculations and Continuum mechanics
Prof Bo Zhou   Male,  PhD, Deputy Director of the faculty
Human habitation environmental PhD tutor, candidate of Sichuan province academic and technology leader, Director of China real estate institute human habitation environment committees. Over 100 Published papers in various academic journals, published 4 academic monographs, provincial level academic achievement award second and third prize; Research interest mainly focus on architecture design and theory, urban planning and design, human habitation environment etc.
Prof Feng Xiong   Female,  PhD
PhD tutor, Dean of College of Architecture and Environment; Candidate of Sichuan province academic leader; director of Sichuan Civil engineering institute committees; over 50 published papers, awarded by China highway institute science technology second prize, Sichuan University teaching achievement first prize. Research focus on engineering structural analysis, engineering structural seismic and structural detection etc. 
Prof Huaqiang Yi  Male,  ME
Master tutor, Director of Sichuan University FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) State Engineering Research Center; published over 100 relevant papers, participates and in-charged in preparation of 6 academic monographs. Rewarded National technology challenge environmental project significant achievement award, Sichuan province technology progress award; National education bureau technology progress award; Sichuan province teaching achievement award. Research focus on pollution control and resource management, air pollution control engineering, environmental material etc
Prof Zhangzheng Li  Male,  PhD
Master tutor, Deputy-director of Sichuan province mechanical engineering institute mechanical intensity department committee; published over 40 papers in various academic journals and magazines. Awarded by province council education reform achievement second and third prize; Research interest focus on civil structural engineering.   
Prof Xiaochun Wang   Male,  PhD
Master tutor, Director of mechanical science and engineering department, director of Sichuan mechanical institute committees, committee member of the Chinese mechanical institute mechanical history and methodology committee; Awarded by University teaching progress achievement award second prize, published more than 40 papers. Participate and in-charged in 2 academic monographs. Research interest focus on composite material mechanics, Computational Mechanics and Non-elastic structural mechanics
Prof Xiangguo Zeng   Male,  PhD
Solid mechanics PhD tutor, Deputy Director of department of mechanics, deputy director of mechanical engineering research centre. Over70 published papers, awarded by National natural science fourth prize; National education bureau technology progress second prize. Research interest focus on engineering material damage, fracture, fatigue and Elasto-plastic constitutive theory
Prof Hong Fan  Female,  PhD
Master tutor, published 3 academic monographs and over 20 papers; Research interest focus on regional economic and urban development, resources and environmental strategy
Prof Yi Shen  Female,  Senior Engineer
Master tutor, over 13 published papers, awarded provincial urban science grand achievement first prize once, second prize once; ministerial grand planning design third prize, provincial planning design first prize; teaching and research focus on landscape architecture, urban planning and design.
Prof Shiming Dong  Male,  PhD
Master tutor, participated and in charge in National natural science foundation, National technology challenge project sub-topics, Chinese post doctorial science foundation and various provincial technology challenge projects. Published more than 30 papers in core journals, Research interest focus on fracture mechanics, impact dynamics, computational mechanics, geotechnical mechanics and oil drilling engineering
Prof Sanglan Ding   Male,  Master,  Deputy-dean of the faculty
Master tutor, director of Sichuan environmental institute environmental engineering committees; Published 5 papers world wide; three applications for invention patents; third prize of scientific and technological progress award, first prize for petroleum chemical industry association outstanding teaching award; The main research directions for environmental planning and environmental impact assessment, air pollution control, water pollution control research.
Prof Jian Yao   Male, PhD
Master tutor, published one monograph, four textbooks, more than 80 articles archived published papers, participated and prepared textbook ‘Introduction to Environmental Assessment’, awarded by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association first prize for outstanding teaching award. The main research directions: regional environmental assessment and planning, environmental economics and management, environmental engineering and engineering economy.
Prof Wentao Jiang   Male,  PhD,  Vise-dean of the faculty
Master tutor, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Progress Award second prize, third prize of scientific and technological progress in Jilin Province; more than 40 published Papers, Mainly engaged in biomechanics, biomedical engineering research
Prof Yongli Zhang   Female,    PhD
Master tutor of Municipal Engineering, Deputy Secretary of the faculty political party committee; published more than 20 academic articles, prepared 1 teaching material. The main research directions: the use and protection of water resources, urban water project based on the theory and technology, water supply security, water and other environmental and ecological restoration research.
Prof Qian Luo  Male,  Bsc
Master tutor, Interior Design Architectural Society China branch members. More than 20 published papers in various scholarly articles published two monographs. Mainly engaged in the design of landscape planning, interior design and ecological research.
Prof Chengmin Huang   Male, PhD
PhD tutor, Deputy Director of Environment Department. Candidate in Sichuan Academic and technology leader, Sichuan Province second prize of scientific and technological progress award; published more than 90 articles, participate and prepared three monographs. Mainly engaged in environmental soil science, environmental geochemistry, landscape ecological planning and environmental studies.
Prof Yuchuan Jiang   Male, PhD
Master tutor, Awarded Sichuan University (SCU) grand teaching achievement second prize award; published more than 30 scientific papers, prepared 2 teaching materials. Teaching and Research engaged in Mechanics and structure
Prof zheming Zhu   Male, PhD(Canada)
Engineering mechanics PhD tutor, Sichuan University ‘985 research platform’ (Southwest of Resources, Environment and Disaster Prevention) academic leaders, published more than 30 papers in core academic journals world wide. Research mainly engaged in rock fracture mechanics, shock wave and explosion mechanics, computational mechanics.
Prof Enshen Long    Male, PhD
PhD tutor, Director of Building energy conservation and human habitation environmental institute , committee member of the building energy efficiency specialist committee , committee member of China building energy-saving and emission reduction industry alliance association. Published over 70 Research papers and two monographs; Research focus on building environment and green building research
Prof Chuan Kong   Male, Master, Senior Engineer
Master tutor, Member of China Civil Engineering Society, second prize of Sichuan outstanding consultation award, published 14 papers. Research interest focus on heating, gas, ventilation and air-conditioning
Prof Chenjun Jing   Male, PhD (Japan)
Published 50 academic papers, award ministerial prize three times, mainly engaged in engineering thermal physics, thermal fluid dynamics, green energy systems development and use of human habitation environment and building energy efficiency, HVAC and crystal growth studies.
Prof Mengshi Chen   Male, Bsc
Master tutor, Deputy Director of the fundamental mechanics Laboratory, Sichuan Province outstanding teaching award second prize, published more than 40 papers; Research interest mainly engaged in bone and soft tissue biomechanics research.

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