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International Camp Courses by Teachers from Federation University Australia
Dr.Steb Fisher from Federation University Australia, is teaching a course titled “Surviving the next 100 years: How can humanity reorganise to live within planetary limits”.  The course examines the fundamental organisational causes which have led us to the present situation where we fail to live within the limits of our planet. It explores how science can contribute in organising humanity to avoid systematic failure and pass through the global crisis of sustainability.  Steb’s teaching engages students in small group discussions to explore and examine the concepts and ideas. Groups are comprised of Chinese, German, French and Australian students.
Associate Professor Wendy Wright from Federation University Australia is teaching a course about conservation and management in protected areas.  Students learn key ecological theories which underpin the management of protected areas such as national parks and reserves.  Three key themes are explored, including managing visitors, conducting long term research and the role of natural disturbance in maintaining ecosystems.  Small group discussions encourage Chinese and foreign students to interact and share their related experiences and opinions.
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