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UIP: A Three-day Field Survey in Anyue County- Green Lotus Valley
Chinese-German-Australia Camp on Organic Farming and Sustainable Development
Organized by College of Architecture and Environment, the sharing session about organic farming and sustainable development started on July 10th and ended on 12th. Teachers and students from Germany, Australia and China had an unforgettable 3 days' survey in Anyue's Green Lotus Valley, which is located in Ziyang, Sichuan province.  
The first day , 31 members consisted of professors,students ,and reporters from 3 different countries got on the bus to the  organic lotus pool.  On arrival, the enthusiastic host Ms. Tang Wenping gave the visitors a warm welcome and an introduction of her farm as well as her special choice of occupation. Being a farmer is a big decision for Ms. Tang and her family, because she got her university degree in art design and performed well in her major. It is a great challenge for her but she wants to create something sustainable and social for her hometown.
The next day, professor Steb and Wendy gave an interesting lecture to the students, which was about How to use birds as indicators of status of environment. After that they made 2 bird feeders with a special design with wood and bamboo. Through the owner’s introduction, the students got some knowledge about lotus and different species of local crops.
The last day, student groups from Germany and Australia gave their final presentation. Some local farmers and villagers attended to the sharing as well.
The camp ended up with satisfaction, and the members had an impressive trans-cultural learning and practice experience. They gained a new aspect of understanding, and built a tie of friendship among them.
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