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Remediation of Contaminated Sites—International Courseby Prof. Fabbricino Massiliano
During the second week of 2015 University Immersion Program (UIP), Prof. Fabbricino Massiliano from University of Naples Federico II (Italy) continues to give his international course named “Remediation of Contaminated Sites” for our students from different colleges and schools, i.e. College of Architecture and Environment, College of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, College of Arts, West China College of Stomatology, etc,.
Based on the last week’s study, Prof. Fabbricino Massiliano now discusses with our students by presenting famous case studies of contamination of soil, air, water and groundwater. The most important techniques of decontamination, including: on-site technologies; off-site technologies; biological processes; physical processes; chemical processes are also introduced and analyzed. At the beginning of today’s class, the stories of some famous persons like Steve Paul Jobs, the founder of Apple, are introduced by Prof. Fabbricino Massiliano to analyze the impact of electronic industry and chemical industry on our environment. Then our students are divided into many groups to give their own opinions including: how to control contamination from origin, how to treat the existing pollution, to suggest some feasible policies and measures, and how to improve people's awareness of protecting the environment, etc,. After careful thinking and spirited discussion, our students give their presentations in the class. Finally, it is the time of Q&A.  
The course helps our students understand the theoretical knowledge further, also the case study makes us deeply recognize the serious environmental pollution around us. The desperate needs of advanced technologies to solve environmental problems encourage our students to study harder. The individual group discussion promotes our students with different technical background to share their ideas and have a good mind-broadening experience.
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