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Enjoy a Hot Summer Night—2015 UIP
The two weeks of 2015 University Immersion Program (UIP) is coming to its close. On July 15th, the visiting teachers and students as well as Chinese members of the program gathered for a dinner party to share what they have learnt from UIP.
Exchange students from 9 countries including Italy, Australia, Denmark and Germany have joint College of Architecture and Environment UIP Program. Two weeks are long enough to establish a strong friendship, though too short to say farewell. Having been studying, working, living together for 2 weeks, Chinese and international students now could be described as brothers not in blood, but in bond.
Firstly Dean of College of Architecture and Environment addressed the dinner. Then UIP students divided into 6 groups by their majors represented the specific presentation of the whole camp.
The party had 9 programs by Chinese and foreign students including songs, instrumental performance, Italian dancing and hook-on. Collaboration between Chinese and foreign students which showed their passion and enthusiasm was incredible. The dinner was simple but exquisite. The presentation was academic and amusing. The show was a feast of entertainment.
Our major's head principal and special invited lecturer Dr. Su and Dr. Omer also joint the dinner.
(Reporter: Jiang Lianxin)
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