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Chinese-French Camp of 2015 UIP
Organized by College of Architecture and Environment of Sichuan University, Chinese-French Camp started on 10th July and ended on 15th with a wonderful choir performed by students from both Sichuan University and Paris X University on the closing ceremony held by College of Architecture and Environment. Teachers and students from China and France spent seven unforgettable days together in the building of College of Architecture and Environment doing some project assigned by the professors from both countries.
On the first day, the students were divided into three groups and were given three tasks: to build a bridge within fifty sheets of papers that can withstand loads, to make an origami plane that flies as far as possible, and to measure the centroid of the map France. All three tasks would be estimated in the terms of groups. Students from both countries showed great interests in these tasks and were willing to communicate with students from another country.
During these days the professors from the University of Paris X also gave students from both countries wonderful speeches in their fields and the students were greatly engaged in the talks.
The most interesting part about the Chinese-French Camp would be the preparing of the choir in three languages: English, Chinese and French. Chinese students were required to sing a part of the song in French and vice versa. And it increased the communication between the students from both countries deeply.
On 15th July when the projects were to be tested and the choir performed, students from both China and France have become good friends. And the examination of the projects as well as the performance went very well.
And during these days, the teachers and students also went to some tourist sites like Jinli Street and Panda Park. Students from France were surprised by the beauty of Chengdu and the colorful history this ancient and mysterious country. And Chinese students are also very curious about this romantic and beautiful country on the other side of the Asian-European Continent.
The camp ended with joys and tears. What University Immersion Program has brought to the students with different nationalities is surely an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. And the friendship between the new generations of different countries will surely last.
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