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Computer Science & Technology B Eng.

Code 080605
Description: The program of Computer Science focuses on theories and technologies on computer science. It covers the following topics:
I. How computers and computer systems work;
II. How computers manage information;
III. Applications of computers in society
The theoretical foundations available in the program provide the students the background to develop effective ways to solve computing problems.
Objectives This program produces graduates with a broad understanding of both computing principles and computing practice. Five objectives are addressed:
• development of the ability to work effectively as an individual or as a team member to produce correct, efficient, well-organized and documented programs
• development of the ability to recognize problems that are amenable to computer solutions, and knowledge of the tools necessary for solving such problems
• development of an understanding of basic computer architecture and operations
• preparation to pursue in-depth training in one or more application areas, or further education in computer science
• development of the ability to communicate effectively
Course Structure
Year 1
  Compulsory courses:
College English-1
College English-2
Probability Statistics
Physical Education-1
Physical Education-2
University Physics(Ⅲ)-1
Physics Experiments(Ⅲ) -1 
Programming Language-Ⅱ
Analog Electronic Technology (Ⅲ)
Experiment in Electronic Technology
Linear algebra
Programming Language-Ⅰ
Fundamentals of Computer Science & Technology
Year 2
  Compulsory courses:
College English-3
The Basic Principles of Marxism
University Physics(Ⅲ)-2
Physics Experiments(Ⅲ) -2
Practice in Discrete Mathematics
Assembly Language
Practice in Assembly Language
Discrete Mathematics
Data Structure & Algorithmic Analysis
Practice in Data Structure & Algorithmic Analysis
Physical Education-3
Situation and Policy-3
College English-4
The Introduction of Mao Zedong Thought and Theory Of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics
Practice in Operating System
Operating System
Microcomputer System & Interface Technology
Experiment in Microcomputer System and Interface
Practice in Research and Development
Physical Education-4
Chinese Culture(History)
Chinese Culture(Literature)
Chinese Culture(Philosophy)
  Elective courses
Programming in JAVA
Introduction to E-Commerce
Fundamental of Multimedia Technology
Management Information System
Principle of Data Communication System
Algorithmic Design
Information Retrieval and Utilization((Science and Engineering)
THE Comprehensive Experiment of Electronic Technique
Situation and Policy-4
Mathematics model
Mathematics experiment
Year 3 
  Compulsory courses:
Computer Network
Practice in Computer Network
Principle of Computer Organizations
Experiment in Computer Organization Theory
Principle of Database System
Practice in Database System
Advanced Software Engineering
Practice in Advanced Software Engineering
Practice in IT Enterprises
Principle of Compiler
Practice in Compiling
Computer Architectures
  Elective courses
UNIX Operating System
WEB Techniques
Computer Control Technology
Computer Graphics
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Digital Image Processing
Professional English
Embedded System
Software Development Environment & Tools
Software Project Management
Network Engineering
Course Design of Network Engineering
Information System Security
Course Design of Information System Security
Technology Applied in Business
Introduction to Pattern Recognition
z/OS Overview
COBOL Language Programming
Practice in COBOL Language Programming
DB2 Application & Programming
CICS Application Programming
DBA & CICS Management
PL1 Language Programming
IMS Application & Programming

Year 4
  Compulsory courses:
Graduate Design
  Elective courses
Base for Store Technology
Topics on New technology of Computer
Technology Discussion
Topics on New Technology of Database

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College of Computer Science
Sichuan University
No. 24 South Section 1, Yihuan Road,
Chengdu Sichuan, China, 610065

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