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Lecture:Intelligent User Interaction: Understanding People and Content[2012-04-23]

Lecture:Chip-Level Space-Time Coding for Next Generation MIMO Systems[2012-04-09]

Lecture:Modeling Activity-Dependent Plasticity in BCM Spiking Neural Networks[2012-03-29]

Lecture:PCIAS:Phase Correlation Image Analysis System and It’s Application[2012-03-19]

Lecture:Optical Flow: Theory, Computation and Applications[2012-02-24]

Lecture: Key Technologies toward Autonomous Indoor Robot[2011-12-26]

Lecture: Frontline of Recent Research on Network Security and Privacy Protection[2011-11-14]

Medical Image Analysis Using A Priori Knowledge[2011-09-23]

Lecture: How Will Cloud Computing and IoT Change Our Lives[2011-09-19]

Lecture: Research on Visual Analytics--its Development and Prospect[2011-09-12]

Lecture: Cloud Computing and Cloud Security[2011-09-02]

Lecture: How to Integrate Selfishness in Future Internet[2011-07-14]

Lecture: Software Engineering at the University of Maryland[2011-07-04]

Lecture: Mobile Local Search via Mobile Peer-to-peer Databases[2011-07-04]

Lecture: Automatic Face Recognition: State of the Art[2011-06-14]

Lecture: Researches on Image Recognition, Segmentation and Sparse Representation...[2011-06-10]

Lecture:Interactive Fur Shaping & Rendering[2011-05-23]

Lecture:Similarity Based Web Page Ranking with Topic Diversity[2011-05-10]

Lecture:SUNSHINE: A Cross-Domain Simulator for Sensor Networks[2011-04-19]

Lecture: Sports Video Analysis: Semantics Extraction, Editorial Content Creation...[2011-03-17]

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