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Lecture:Interactive Fur Shaping & Rendering
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Lecture:Interactive Fur Shaping & Rendering
Who: Hanqiu  Sun (Associate Professor,The Chinese University of  Hong Kong)
When: Wednesday, May 25, 2011. 10:00 PM.
   Approximate duration of 2 hour(s).
Where: Room 314, Tower B, Fundamental Teaching Building, Wangjiang Campus
Audience: Faculty/Staff/Students
What: Furry surfaces are crucial in representing the realistic appearance of virtual creatures and cartoon-style objects/bodies. It is highly demanding to model and render the realistic furry effects in interactive gaming and virtual environments. Most of the hair/fur modeling systems proposed geometry-based representations so the systems don’t directly support interactive modeling and rendering of virtual furry creatures. Our work is motivated for representing the realistic furry surfaces based on the non-uniform layered approach, and supporting users the interactive tools to intuitively shape dense, messy fur over the bodies with the realistic rendering effects. These include fur combing, wind blowing, pulling, interpolating, smoothing and disturbing, thus users can intuitively design and manipulate the furry surfaces over the bodies with simple user input. Further, we developed layered shadow maps for the realistic self-shadowing effects of fur, which can significantly enhance the realistic appearance of furry creatures. Using the interactive tools, users can intuitively create the furry shapes of virtual creatures, and visualize the realistic rendering of edited fur instantly. Our interactive fur system utilizes GPU-accelerated processing, and supports the intuitive user input for shaping the furry surfaces of virtual creatures. Also, other current research projects we have worked on will be briefly introduced at the end as well.
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