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Lecture: Mobile Local Search via Mobile Peer-to-peer Databases
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Lecture: Mobile Local Search via Mobile Peer-to-peer Databases
Who: Xu Bo
  Research Scientist, Associate Director of Database and Mobile Computing Lab, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
When: Thursday, July 7, 2011. 10:00 AM.
    Approximate duration of 1.5 hours
Where: Room 414, Tower B, Fundamental Teaching Building
What: Mobile local search is a procedure in which a mobile user searches for local resources, i.e., resources that are in geographic proximity to the user (e.g., a person with certain expertise in a convention hall, a ride-share opportunity, a taxi-cab, a parking slot, etc.). A promising approach to mobile local search is mobile peer-to-peer databases (MP2PD). In the MP2PD approach, a database is stored in the peers (PDA's, cell phones, vehicles, sensors, etc.) that communicate with each other via short-range wireless technologies such as IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Ultra Wide Band (UWB). We propose a query processing method that uses cooperative caching. It makes the data items satisfying a query flow to its originator. To cope with communication bandwidth and storage constraints, the method prioritizes the data-items in terms of their value, as reflected by supply and demand. We develop algorithms for the estimation of supply and demand. The algorithms are based machine learning on each peer using the relevance feedbacks to the received data items.
Audience: Faculty/Staff/Students
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College of Computer Science
Sichuan University
No. 24 South Section 1, Yihuan Road,
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