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Undergraduate Programs
Postgraduate Program
Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Computer Science and Technology

Discipline: Engineering                            Code: 08

Category: Computer                              Code: 0809     

Specialty Name: Computer Science and Technology     Specialty Code: 080901


I Education Objectives:

The program aims to foster the inter-disciplinary talent with well scientific qualification, systematic and solid theoretical foundation, strong practical ability and sense of innovation, and be able to work for the research, development, application and teaching on the fields of computer science and technology.


II Educational Requirements:

The students of this program mainly study on the basic theory and knowledge of computer science and technology, get the training for working on computer research and application, in order to get basic ability to research and develop computer system. Meanwhile, the program fosters the students with rigid work style and the spirit of cooperation and teamwork as well as endeavor and innovation. The students must acquire knowledge and ability as follows for graduation:

1.      Handle the basic theory and knowledge of computer science and technology; handle the basic analysis and design methods for computer system;

2.      Acquire the ability of research and develop software and hardware of computer; be able to conclude, arrange and analyze the results of experiments for thesis writing, scientific research and academic exchange.

3.      Get to know the policies for computer industry and relevant laws and regulations for intelligent property both at home and abroad.

4.      Get to know new techniques and achievements, and development trends both at home and abroad;

5.      Have the comprehensive ability of one foreign language, and the ability of acquiring recourses through literature searching, and information retrieval.


III Major Courses:

Advanced Language Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Digital Logic, Data Structure, Principle in Operating System, Fundamental of Compiling, Principle of Database System, Computer System Architecture, Software Engineering.


IV Length of School: 4 years


V Graduation Total Credit Criteria: 170


VI Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering


VII Course Schedule



          College of Computer Science Sichuan University
          No. 24 South Section 1, Yihuan Road,
          Chengdu Sichuan, China, 610065
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