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Research Overview
Research Center
Research Centers
  • Institute of Graphics and Images
Core Research Staff:You Zhisheng
                        Yang Hongyu
The Institute of Graphics and Images is directed by Professor You Zhisheng and consists of more than 60 faculties, including 1 winner of the Young Experts with Outstanding Contribution to the Nation Award, 3 members of the State Air Administration Committee of China, 1 winner of Outstanding Professor of Sichuan University Award, 8 professors and 18 associated professors.
The research of the institute focuses on computer graphics, virtual reality, synthetic vision, image process, digital image process, air traffic management, intelligent transportation system, embedded system and real-time software engineering.
  • Computer Network and Security
Core Research Faculty: Li Tao
                         Zhao Kui
                         Liu Xiaojie
                        Yang Pin
The Computer Network and Security group performs research in network security technologies and its applications as well as intelligent information systems.  
The group has undertaken a number of  projects granted by National Natural Science Foundation, National 863 Program,National 973 Program, National High-tech Industry Pilot Program, etc.
The members of the group have published more than 300 papers in leading journals, 3 monographs and 4 textbooks. And among the 33 patent applications, 20 have been approved.
Many of the research results of the group have been applied to use in industry.
  • Machine Intelligence
Core Research Faculty: Zhang YI
                          Lv Jiancheng
                          Zhang Lei
                          Peng Dezhong
Machine Intelligence Laboratory (MachineILab) was established in October, 2008. The research interests of this lab mainly include Machine Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Fusion, Computer Vision, and other related areas.
By the end of December, 2009, the research members in Machine Intelligence Lab have published more than 100 papers, including 26 papers on IEEE Transaction series, and 2 monographs.
For more information, please see: http://www.machineilab.org/default.aspx
  • Knowledge Engineering and Network Intelligence
Core Research Faculty: Tang Changjie
                          Zhang Jianzhou
                          Yu Zhonghua
The research activities of the Intelligent Information Process Center embrace an array of diverse yet related fields including: data management, computer vision, image process, pattern recognition, data mining, knowledge engineering, evolutionary computation, etc.
Up to now, the Lab has published more than 600 papers, with more than half been indexed by SCI and EI. The research members have also published 36 books, and undertaken 20 projects granted by National Natural Science Foundation, 1 key project granted by Ministry of Education of China, 1 project funded by the International Cooperation Foundation, etc.
For more information, please see: http://cs.scu.edu.cn/~tangchangjie/eng/e_index.htm.


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