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2010 College Research Seminar held

  In order to share academic resources and achievements, strengthen academic communication and build an academic atmosphere in the college, an academic seminar was held at Baihuayuan country hotel in Sansheng Xiang. The seminar was chaired by vice Dean Prof. Fu Qiang.
  In the meeting, Prof. Fu Qiang, Prof. Xu Jianjun, Prof. Li Zhongming, Prof. Zhao Changsheng, Porf. Gu Yi, Prof. Zhang Jie and Prof. Yang Gang, delivered reports about their research field and achievements in resent years, respectively. They introduced their research and teaching experience. Vice Dean Prof. Fu Qiang summarized the research activity in our college and looked forward the work plan for the near future. Vice Dean Prof. Zhao Changsheng analyzed the situation of students’ evaluation on teaching and teaching awarding in 2009.


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