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Research Projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation
01  LUO Xianglin, Study on the design, preparation and mechanism of biodegradation PLA-PEG-PLA ultrasound contrast agent.No. 30570486
02  LI Zhongming, Polymer materials with conductive in-situ micro-fiber network paths. No. 50573049
03  YANG Wei, The secondary yielding and deformation mechanism of Nylon 6-based multi-phase system. No. 50503014
04  FU Qiang, On-line morphology control detection of injection molding universal polymer products. No. 50533050
05  YANG Mingbo, Engineering realization and control of multi-level structure in multiphase polymer systems. No. 20574048
06  LI Liangbin, Shear-induced smectic phase of polypropylene. No. 50503015
07  LI Zhongming, Trial-manufacture and application of the External Field Morphology Tester in studying condensed state and phase morphology of polymer processing. No. 50527301
08  ZHANG Qin, Study on incompatible blends compatibilized by Inorganic nano-particles. No. 20404008
09  GU Yi, Multi-level structure control during preparation of polymer fibers and films. No. 50433010
10  LUO Xianglin, Design, synthesis and characterization of degradable side chain phospholipid polymers. No. 50473052
11  ZHAO Changsheng,The using of DNA hybrid PES microspheres in clean up environmental toxins. No. 50403028
12  SHEN Kaizhi,Effects and simulation of high-pressure through-type midfrequency vibration field on forming properties and products structure performance of polyolefin. No. 50473053
13  WANG Changxiu, Molecular self-assembled RADA16-RGD/CPP nano-bionic matrix materials for bone recovering. No. 50472091
14  GU Yi,Study on RTM ablative matrix resins for preparation of three-dimensional braided thermal protection materials. No. 90405001
15  YANG Mingbo ,Experimental study on morphology evolution during polymer forming.
. No. 10590351
16  YE Guangdou,Structure design and characterization of collagen composite fibers.No. 50373028
17  XIE Xingyi,Imitation biofilm designs on surfaces of polymer biomaterials and study on their compatibility. No. 50303014
18 XIE Banghu,The relationship between polymer structure and fracture performance under low stress. No. 50373027
19 CHEN Liming,Study on evolution of multi-level defects and low stress failure mechanism of polymer pressure pipes. No. 20304008
20 WANG Changxiu,Effects on the performance of functional proteins caused by the interface reaction between degradable biomaterials and endothelial cells. No. 30370411
21 FU Qiang,Study on controlling of morphology and properties of blends through high shear compatibility and low shear pressure maintaining. No. 50373030

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