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Apart from their dedication to high quality education, the College of Computer Science (CCS) and the College of Software Engineering (CSE) have also established a vibrant culture in striving for excellence in research.

The research strength of CCS and CSE can be well demonstrated by the quantity and quality of publications of research results by its professors in prestigious journals and proceedings. From 2007 to 2009, the faculty published more than 180 SCI and EI papers.

The research achievements can also be well evidenced by its performance and success in bidding for competitive research grants . In recent years, the faculty members of the CCS and CSE have undertaken more than 350 research projects with a total fund of more than RBM 400 million Yuan, among which 150 are from the National 973 Projects, National 863 Projects, National Scientific and Technological Projects, National Nature Science Foundation of China Projects and other provincial and ministerial projects. Meanwhile, 180 of them are supported by industrial companies. In 2009, CCS and CSE received more than RMB 26 million Yuan for research activities and the goal for 2010 is 300 million.

Addtionally, many of the research results of the professors in the Colleges have been applied to use in the industry and society which contributes to the economic development and life improvement of the society.