The Successful Closing Ceremony of College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Festival-College of Computer Science
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The Successful Closing Ceremony of College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Festival

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In order to further enhance the innovative practical ability of the undergraduates, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of students to learn, cultivate the students’ innovative sense of exploration and teamwork, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Festival launched in June 2012 by CCS. The innovation activities, with the help of science and technology festival platform, and in the process of innovation projects, together with Sichuan Seeding Project combination with teachers’ research project and the actual Research & Development project, effectively improved the practical ability of undergraduate science and technology.

In the afternoon of November 9th, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Science Festival cum Tieto Cup Extracurricular Scientific and Technological Works Competition ended up with a successful conclusion.

The Festival has been praised by leaders at all levels and enterprises from all walks of life. “We should let the students know the market more clearly through entrepreneurship training, so that the combination of students’ science and technology innovation and enterprise demand is a very important initiative, worth promoting”, said Xiao Bin, director of Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission. Government leaders, heads of Teaching Affairs Office and guests from enterprises visited the innovative works of students with the reaction of “astonishing, amazing, and surprising.”

This science festival has awarded 4 excellent team, 6 excellent works, 9 nominated excellent works, and 3 excellent University-Enterprise cooperation awards. At the closing ceremony, vice director of Chengdu High-tech zone service outsourcing industry office Le Wenduan gave speech to sketch the outline of the blueprint of Chengdu software industry. Our college launched “the election of first batch of double capability tutor”. Vice Dean Professor Peng Jian exchanged views with representatives of enterprises on behalf of our college, and put forward an idea of IT talent government, and the concept of enterprises and universities multi-dimensional cultivation. Director Xiao Bin also pointed out that the relevant department of government informationalization should promote the training of “double capability tutor”, and further encourage entrepreneurship of students.

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