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Yang Pin and Zuo Jie from CCS&CSE Rewarded as “Most Popular Teacher” of SCU

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On the evening of Oct. 27th, the Second “Most Popular Teacher” award ceremony of SCU hosted by the Student Union was held in Wen Hua Activity Center of Wang Jiang campus. President Professor Xie Heping, Vice-President Professor Bu Hong and the Deputy Secretary of SCU Party Committee Professor Li Xiangcheng attended the ceremony. Yang Pin and Zuo Jie from our college was awarded as “Most Popular Teacher”.

The election of the Second “Most Popular Teacher” expanded through the three campus of SCU and lasted for nearly eight months. This activity has received 106 teachers’ materials recommended from 28 colleges. The final 25 teacher candidates were elected through the procedure of material report, questionnaire survey, teaching evaluation, public lecture, field vote and internet vote. Among the 25 teacher candidates, 10 of them were awarded as “Most Popular Teacher” (3 of liberal arts, 2 of science, 3 of engineering and 2 of medical science). Another 15 teachers were awarded as “Most Loved Teacher”.

During the ceremony, Professor Xie Heping made an important speech titled “Stick to Teacher’s Duty and Being a Good Teacher”. He said the 18thNational People’s Congress has clearly stated that we should enhance the teachers’ team building, improve teachers’ professional ethics and skills, and strengthen their sense of honor and responsibility. This time, we held this election of “Most Popular Teacher” and “Most Loved Teacher” in order to make all teachers of our university to have a right perception about this noble profession, and cherish more the honorary title of “teacher”. The election aimed to improve teachers’ sense of honor, responsibility and also display those devoted teachers who deeply care for the growth of their students.

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