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Medical Image Analysis Using A Priori Knowledge

Date:2011-09-23 SourceLink: Author: Click:

Who:Jiang Xiaoyi Professor, Department of Computer Science,University of Münste, GermanyWhen:Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011. 10:00

Approximate duration of 1.5 hoursWhere:Room 314, Tower B, Fundamental Teaching Building, Wangjiang CampusAudience:Faculty/Staff/StudentsWhat:Accurate motion analysis and image segmentation are of paramount importance in medical imaging. With the widespread use of imaging modalities in routine clinical practice, physicians are faced with ever-increasing amounts of image data to analyze and quantitative outcomes of such analyses are increasingly important. Domain-specific a priori knowledge turns out to be helpful in achieving increased accuracy. In this talk some recent approaches to motion analysis and image segmentation using a priori knowledge will be presented.

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