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Qican Zhang - Professor

Qican Zhang - Professor

Department: Optoelectronic Science and Technology
Office: Basic Teaching Building, A119
Phone: +86 28 8546 3879
Fax: +86 28 8546 4568
Educational Background
l  B. S., Sichuan University, 1996.
l  M. S., Sichuan University, 2001.
l  Ph. D., Sichuan University, 2005.
Research & Teaching Interests
Prof Zhang has researched optical three-dimensional (3D) shape measurement and information process for over 10 years, and mainly focused on 3D shape measurement and deformation analysis of dynamic process, in which, some practical measuring systems have been established to digitize and visualize the 3D shape and deformation of the tested dynamic objects and some wonderful research results have been achieved.
He was charged with one research project supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and one Sino-Finnish cooperation project supported by VTT of Finland. He also participated in several other NSFC projections (including 2 special funds for scientific instruments) and some collaborative projects. He involved in the development and promotion of several 3D measuring instruments based on structured illumination, from which he has accumulated rich experience. As a core research staff, he won the second prize of National Technological Invention Award of China and the first prize of Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education.
He has published more than 80 papers, which 46 indexed by SCI, 70 by EI, and referenced over 130 times by other SCI papers; five authorized technical invention patents; 1 chapter of Handbook of 3D Machine Vision (published by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press) and 3 chapters of the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan teaching material Information Optics (second edition). In 2007, He won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award nomination issued by the Ministry of Education. He was selected for Sichuan academic and technical leader reserve candidate in 2010 and New Century Excellent Talents in University in 2011.
Prof Zhang is looking for graduate students with strong interest and skill to work in 3D sensing areas, Prof Zhang teaches two undergraduate courses every year, Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis and Lighting Engineering.
Selected Publications
Zhang Qican, Wu Zhiyun. A carrier removal method in Fourier transform profilometry with Zernike polynomials. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2013, in Press.
Zhang Qican, Su Xianyu, Xiang Liqun, Sun Xuezhen. 3-D shape measurement based on complementary Gray-code light. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2012, 50(4): 574-579. ( UT WOS: 000300335200011, EI 20120214671463)
l  Zhiling Hou, Xianyu Su, Qican Zhang. Virtual structured-light coding for three-dimensional shape data compression data compression. Optics and Laser in Engineering, 2012, 50(6):844-849. (UT WOS: 000302044300006, EI 20121114846738)
l  Zhao Ming, Huang Lei, Zhang Qican, Su Xianyu, Asundi Anand, Kemao Qian. Quality-guided phase unwrapping technique: Comparison of quality maps and guiding strategies. Applied Optics. 2011, 50(33): 6214-6224. (UT WOS: 000297324300010, EI 20114714548835)
Zhang Qican, Wang Qingfeng, Hou Zhiling. Three-dimensional shape measurement for an underwater object based on two-dimensional grating pattern projection, Optics And Laser Technology, 2011, 43(4), 801-805. (UT WOS: 000287054900010, EI 20110213580561)
l  Liu Yuankun, Su Xianyu, Zhang Qican. A novel encoded-phase technique for phase measuring profilometry, Optics Express, 2011, 19(15), 14137-14144. (UT WOS: 000292877600045, EI 20113014170819)
l  Xianyu Su, Qican Zhang. Dynamic 3D shape measurement method: A review. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2010, 48(2), 191-204. (Invited paper, UT WOS: 000272430000008 , EI 20094712472056. #3 most downloaded paper January-December, 2011; #2 most downloaded paper October-December, 2010; #3 most downloaded paper October 2009 - September, 2010. Referenced 40 times by other SCI papers).
l  Zhiling Hou and Qican Zhang. Interpolation algorithm for recovering the missing phase values in 3D measurement. Optik. 2010, 121(14), 1324-1329. (UT WOS: 000281014800014, EI 20102613041373)
l  Su Xian-yu, Zhang Qi-can, Xiang Li-qun, Optical 3D shape measurement for dynamic process. Optoelectronics Letters, 2008, 4(1), 55-58. (EI083411464018)
Qican Zhang, Xianyu Su. High-speed optical measurement for the drumhead vibration. Optics Express. 2005, 13(8), 3310-3316. (UT WOS: 000228520800036, EI05289204310, Referenced 20 times by other SCI papers)
Qican Zhang, Xianyu Su, Yiping Cao, etc. An optical 3-D shape and deformation measurement for rotating blade using stroboscopic structured illumination. Optical Engineering. 2005, 44(11), 113601-1~7. (UT WOS: 000234859600016, EI063510086413, Referenced 5 times by other SCI papers).
Qican Zhang, Xianyu Su. An optical measurement of vortex shape at a free surface. Optics and Laser Technology, 2002, 34(2), 107-113. (UT WOS: 000174600500002, EI 2002096875239, Referenced 16 times by other SCI papers)
l  Xianyu Su, Wenjing Chen, Qican Zhang, etc. Dynamic 3-D shape measurement method based on FTP. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2001, 36(1): 49-64. (UT WOS:000170462900005, EI 2001376646506, Referenced 30 times by other SCI papers)
Honors & Awards
l  New Century Excellent Talents in University ---- Ministry of Education (MOE) of China, December 2011.
l  Sichuan academic and technical leader reserve candidate ----Sichuan Province, January 2010.
l  National 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award nominations ---- Ministry of Education (MOE) of China, May 2007.
l  Teaching Achievements Second Award ----- Sichuan Province, May, 2008 (Rank 4th).
l  The National Tech & Invention Second award of China ---- China, March 2004 (Rank 4th).
l  The Natural Science first award of Ministry of Education ---- MOE of China, November 2003 (Rank 5th).
l  Outstanding young teachers ---- Sichuan University, 2004-2010 (7 times).
Professional experience & Activities
l  8/12-2/13 Visiting research professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.
l  7/11-present Professor, College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University.
l  2/11-5/11 & 9/11-11/11 Invited Visiting Senior Scientist, VTT (Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus) Technical Research Centre of Finland.
l  6/06-6/11 Associate Professor, College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University.
l  6/02-5/06 Lecturer, Department of Opto-Electronics Science and Technology, Sichuan University.
l  7/96-5/02 Research Assistant, Department of Opto-Electronics Science and Technology, Sichuan University.
l  11/07-present  Faculty Advisor ---- Sichuan University SPIE Student Club.
l  11/10-present  Steering committee member ---- Asian Society of Experimental Mechanics (ASEM)
l  9/07-present  Committee Member ---- Opto-electronic Technology Committee of COS.
l  5/06-present  Committee Member ----- Opto-electronic Technology and System Integration Branch of Chinese Instrument Society (CIS).
l  5/06-present  Senior Member ---- Chinese Optical Society (COS).
l  5/04-present  Member ---- Optical Society of America (OSA).
l  7/01-present  Member ---- International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE).
l  4/00-4/06  Member ---- Chinese Optical Society (COS).


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