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Electronic and Information Engineering
Xu Jiapin

Xu Jiapin

Department:School of Electronic and Information Engineering
Office:Basic teaching building, A Seat, Innovation Lab
Fax :86-028-85463875
E-mail:jiapinxu@163.com   jiapinxu@scu.edu.cn
Educational Background
 B.S., Department of Physics, Sichuan Normal University, 1982
 M.S., Department of Radio Engineering, Sichuan University, 1992
Research & Teaching Interests
Professor Xu Jiapin mainly engaged in the field of communication and information research ,he is a Supervisor of graduate students. In his research work related to the communications and information systems, self-organizing wireless network (Ad-Hoc), wireless sensor networks research, multimedia information processing and multimedia communications system. He as project leader or main research who take a lot of government to provide the scientific & technological projects and other R & D projects. Which mainly include:Multimedia communication terminal, The upper Minjiang River basin water security early warning system, based on LINUX Embedded Intelligent control systems, information technology project of Dujiangyan Irrigation Area, based on remote-controlled drip irrigation systems, water resource monitoring and distribution automation systems and so on.
Recent Publications
 Jiapin Xu,Digital Dujiangyan Project: Electronic Information Infrastructure Design and Implementation for Dujiangyan Irrigation System,IASTED,ATEF2006
 Accession number:05038790135
            Title:A new quadrature sampling and reconstruction technique and computer simulation of its performance
Authors:Xu, Jiapin , etc.
Pulisher:Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., New York, NY 10016-5997,United States
 Jiapin Xu,Kalman filter in the CCD micrometer system, Sichuan University Journal (Natural Science),1997,VOL.34,No.4
 Xu Jiapin, etc. Spectral identification of surface features combined neural network model, Sichuan University Journal,2003,VOL.40,No.5:878-881
 Xu Jiapin, etc. Based wireless sensor network energy efficient routing protocols, Sensors and Microsystems, 2008, No.3
 Xu Jiapin, etc.Based Interest subnet location of Gnutella network resources, Computer Engineering and Design, 2009, No.17
 Xu Jiapin, etc. Particle swarm optimization algorithm based on WSNs node localization studies, Computer Applications, 2009, No.02
 Xu Jiapin, etc. Distributed Routing GMPLS multi-layer network computing, Optical Communication Technology, 2007,VOL.7,No.22
 Xu Jiapin, etc. Phase factor estimated using the PTS PAPR suppression algorithm, TV Technology,2006,No.08: 9-12。
 Xu Jiapin, etc. MPEG-4 video coding technology and its applications in multimedia communications, Telecommunications Technology VOL.42,No.6
 Xu Jiapin, etc. TDD-CDMA system capacity calculation and simulation, Communication Technology,2004, No.5: 60-62
 Xu Jiapin, etc. Wireless communication system simulation performance measurement, Communications Technology,Vol.31,2005.4:63-65
 Xu Jiapin, etc. DDC channel allocation and performance simulation, Information Security and Confidentiality of Communications,2005. No.6:87-88
 Goods or persons lost alarm device, patent No.:200620035672.7
 Passive microwave leak detector, patent No:200620035671.2
Honors and Awards
 Advanced Teacher,2004, 2005, 2008, 2010
 Sichuan University Teaching Award, the first-class, 2008
 Sichuan Province Teaching Award, the third-class , 2008
Professional Experience and Activities
 Present Communications Society member
 Present, the national "863" members of science and technology program evaluation experts
 Present, the National Natural Science Foundation as evaluation experts
 Present , National Innovation Foundation as evaluation experts
 Participate in IASTED, ATEF2006 international conference in February 2006, the Spanish Canary Island
 Participate in IASTED, NCS2006 international conference in August 2006, Chiang Mai, Thailand

 College of Electronics And Information Engineering
Sichuan University
Mailing address: No. 24 South Section 1, 1st Ring Road,Chengdu, Sichuan, P. R. China
Email: einfo@scu.edu.cn
Phone: 86-028-85463873 85463872
Fax: 86-028-85463871
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