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The 5th International Conference on 3D Images
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Qingchuan Tao Assistant Professor

Qingchuan Tao
Associate Professor

Department: College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University
Office: The Basic Teaching Building, B505
Phone: 028-85462766
Fax:  028-85463466
Email: taoqingchuan@scu.edu.cn
Educational Background
B.E., Electronics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University, 1997
M.E., Pattern Recognition and Intellectual System, Sichuan University, 2000
Ph.D., Optics, Sichuan University, 2005

Research & Teaching Interests
Professor Tao’s research fields mainly cover image processing, pattern recognition, intellectual calculation, information optics and biomedical image analysis, etc. He also has taken part in many important research projects, including 3D biomedical image processing and recognition, optical sectioning microscopy 3D imaging technique, intelligence transport system, gait recognition, rock core scanning imaging, etc. In addition, he has published 20 papers in both domestic and foreign Journals.
Recent Publications

 Zhiming Liu, Chengjun Liu, Qingchuan Tao, "Learning-based image representation and method for face recognition," IEEE Third International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS), Sept. 28-30, 2009.
 Zhiming Liu and Qingchuan Tao, “Face recognition using new image representations,” Proc. 2009 International Joint Conference on Neural Network, June 14-19, Atlanta, 2009.
 Tao, Qingchuan He,Xiaohai“Wavelet Transform Based Gaussian Point Spread Function Estimation” Lecture Notes in Computer Science,2005,Vol 3804, pp. 396-405
 Tao, Qingchuan,  “An improved NAS-RIF algorithm based on the wavelet denoising and image segmentation ” International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, v5, 2003, p 2860-2863
 Tao, Qingchuan, Chen,Jianguo,Teng,Qizhi, Liu,Ying, “A robust blind deconvolution based on estimation of point spread function parameters” Proceedings of SPIE  2004 ,Vol 5637.
 Tao, Qingchuan, He,Xiaohai, Zhao,Jia, Teng,Qizhi, Chen,Jianguo, “Image estimation based on depth-variant imaging model in three-dimensional microscopy” Proceedings of SPIE 2004, Vol 5637.
  Tao, Qingchuan,  He,Xiaohai,  “A new car plate recognition method based on fuzzy entropy” Proceedings of the World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA), v5,2004, p 4054-4056
Honors & Awards
Sanxin Award,granted by the College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University, 2004
Excellent Teacher of Sichuan University, 2005
Professional Experience & Activities
July, 2000- July, 2002  Assistant Teacher, College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University
July, 2002- July, 2007  Lecturer, College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University
   July, 2007- Present    Associate Professor and MA student advisor, College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University

 College of Electronics And Information Engineering
Sichuan University
Mailing address: No. 24 South Section 1, 1st Ring Road,Chengdu, Sichuan, P. R. China
Email: einfo@scu.edu.cn
Phone: 86-028-85463873 85463872
Fax: 86-028-85463871
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