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The 5th International Conference on 3D Images
Electronic Information Science and Technology
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Electronic Science and Technology
Information Security
Electronic and Information Engineering
Cai Jingcheng Advanced Engineer
Cai Jingcheng
Advanced Engineer
Department: College of Electronic & Information,Sichuan University
Phone: 13882120262
Email: cjc@scu.edu.cn
Educational Background
Graduated from Radio Electronics, Sichuan University (Night University), Department of Radio Electronics, 1985
Research & Teaching Interests
Information Technology and Computer Technology Application (GPS, Single chip and embedded system, virtual instrument, computer communication and network, information security, intelligent building system )
Recent Publications
Participant in writing book of <Professional Experimental Materials of Electronic Information> for undergraduate teaching. Write Chapter 1 (P1~48), Chapter 8, Chapter 9(P295~336);
ISBN 7-5614-3200-3/TP.151  Press of Sichuan University 2005.8
Participant in writing book of <Computer graphics and image process technology>. Write Chapter6(P116~198)
ISBN 7-81104-072-7/TP.017    Press of Southwest Jiaotong University, 2005.7
Participant in writing book of <SQL Server Database Application>. Write Chapter 12(P269~281)
ISBN 978-7-302-16349-7    Press of Qinghua University 2007.12
Participant in writing book of <Base Experiment of Electronic Information Technology>. Write Chapter 9 ~11 (P 208~270) 
ISBN  978-7-5614-4143-5/TN.30  Press of Sichuan University 2008.9
Honors & Awards
Innovation of Remote Control Test System Develop Method (Master Researcher)   2004
Achievement of First Experimental Technique Project Establishment, 2nd Honor
Reform and Innovation of Electronic Information Professional Experimental Teaching (Master Researcher)   2004
Sichuan University 2004 Teaching Achievement, 2nd Honor
Teaching Reformation and Practice of Computer Principles and Interface Techniques (Master Researcher)   2004
Sichuan University 2004 Teaching Achievement, 2nd Honor
Virtual Experiment System Development of <Computer Principles and Interface Techniques>(Master Researcher)   2006
Sichuan University 2001~2004 Experiment Technology Project Establishment, 1st Honor
Portable GPS Experiment Teaching System (Project PIC, Master Researcher) 2006
Sichuan University 2001~2004 Experiment Technology Project Establishment, 3rd Honor
Professional Experience & Activities
1985  Graduate from department of Radio Electronics of Sichuan University
1985  Technician
1987  Be cited as Assistant Engineer
1992  Be cited as Engineer
1999  Be cited as Advanced Experimentalist
2006  Government Purchase Evaluation Expert for Sichuan Province
 College of Electronics And Information Engineering
Sichuan University
Mailing address: No. 24 South Section 1, 1st Ring Road,Chengdu, Sichuan, P. R. China
Email: einfo@scu.edu.cn
Phone: 86-028-85463873 85463872
Fax: 86-028-85463871
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