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The 5th International Conference on 3D Images
Electronic Information Science and Technology
Optical Information Science and Technology
Electronic Science and Technology
Information Security
Electronic and Information Engineering
Optical Information Science and Technology

Optical Information Science and Technology
Code :071203

Objectives: Graduates of Optical Information Science and Technology will:
i. Grasp the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of optical information science.
ii. Accept the strict scientific experiments and engineering initial training.
iii. Become advanced optical information technology expertise with higher integrated quality.
Course Structure
Year 1
 Compulsory courses:
College English-1
College English-2
C Programming
Linear Algebra
Probability Statistics
University Physics(Ⅲ)-1
University Physics(Ⅲ)-2
Physics Experiments(Ⅲ)-1
Physics Experiments(Ⅲ)-2
Data Structure and Algorithmic Analysis
Engineering Training (Ⅰ)
Introduction of Information Science & Technology
 Elective courses:
Mechanical Graphics
Database and Information Management
Year 2
 Compulsory courses:
College English-3
College English-4
Methods of Mathematical Physics
Theory of Circuit
Analog Electronic Technology (Ⅰ)
Digital Electronic Technology (Ⅰ)
Signals and Systems
Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology
Circuit Theory Experiment
Digital Electronic Technology Experiments (Ⅰ)
Analog Electronic Technology Laboratory (Ⅰ)
Electronic Practice
Elective courses:
Object-oriented Program Design
Year 3
 Compulsory courses:
Modern Communication Technology
Wave Optics
Optical Information Processing
Introduction to Applied Optics
Optical Communication Technology
Optoelectronic Detection Technology
Modern Optics Specialty Laboratory
Communication Principle Lab
Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology Experiment
Digital Information Technology Experiment
 Elective courses: 
Specialty English
Practical Modern Optical System and Application
Thin Film Optics
Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
Lighting Engineering
Visualization Technology
Introduction to Spectroscopy
Modern Photoelectronics Specialty Experiment
Modern Physics Experiment (I)-1
Computer Control
TV Theory and New Technologies
PLC Distributing Control Systems
Solid State Physics (I)
Random Signal Analysis
Electronic Circuits of Communication
Remote Sensing Technology
Laser Technology and Weaponry
MATLAB Programming and Application
Year 4
 Compulsory courses:
Synthetic Electronic System Design
Science research method
Production Practice
Graduation Thesis (Ⅰ)

 College of Electronics And Information Engineering
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