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Engineering Training Center of Sichuan University
Engineering Training Center is one of the first provincial experiment teaching demonstration centers of Sichuan province, and is the key subsidized unit of “523 Laboratory Project”, as well as the sole one in Southwest who obtains loan from the World Bank. In 2007, the Center became the National Level Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center.
Engineering Training Center is the teaching base of classic courses of Sichuan province: 《Mechanical Manufacture Basis》 and 《Engineering Training》. It is also responsible for the follows: undertaking teaching activities such as course design, production practice, and cognition, confirmation and experiment of graduation design, etc; offering optional courses of innovation practice, and multi-level engineering practice innovation training to the whole school; organizing and training students to take part in kinds of innovation ability competition of Sichuan province and the whole country. Every year, 6000-7000 students from more than 40 majors will complete engineering training and innovative learning of different levels and different types in the Center. The annual teaching load finished by the Center reaches to 600, 000 person• credit hour.
The Center appoints 1 director, 1 standing deputy director and 1 deputy director. Totally there are 64 teaching staff, including 2 with senior title, 6 with assistant title, 21 with middle title and technicians, and 35 technical workers. The teacher team is well-structured with rich teaching experience. The Center carries out teaching research and teaching reform actively, and has obtained Award for Education and Teaching Achievement of Sichuan province for 20 consecutive years.
At present, there are about 900 pieces (sets) of equipment with a total value more than 12,000,000 RMB. The Center has a large number of routine training equipment with a complete range and among which, more than 130 pieces are engine lathes and numerical control machines, more than 120 pieces (sets) are machining and heat treatment equipment.
The Center has made great achievements in teaching concept, teaching system, teaching method and measure, teaching content, teaching staff, as well as textbooks and base construction. The new teaching system, open teaching platform and new teaching pattern focused on cultivation of innovation ability, established  by the Center, has features such as advanced, innovative, scientific and exercisable, especially has a certain influence and demonstration effect on cross infiltration of multi-disciplinary basic knowledge of Science, Engineering, Medicine and Arts.
 Experiment courses offered by the Center:
Engineering Training(I)
Engineering Training(Ⅱ)
Mechanical Cutting Principle and Cutter Experiment
Basic Experiment of Material Molding
Sensor Experiment
Basic Experiment of Medical Materials
Perception Experiment of Industrial Base
Engineering Training(Ⅲ)
Comprehensive Experiment of Numerical Control Machine
Comprehensive Experiment of CAD/CAM
Comprehensive Experiment of Special Processing
Comprehensive Experiment of Mechanic Design
Comprehensive Experiment of Testing Technique
Comprehensive Experiment of Industrial Design
Comprehensive Experiment of Material Molding
Engineering Innovation Training
Application Experiment of Rapid Prototyping Technology
Innovation and Practice of Mechanic Design
Design and Production of Engineering Practice Innovation
Research Projects Training
Design and Remodeling of Rehabilitation Devices
Application of Rapid Prototyping Technology in Medicine

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