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Arts Comprehensive Experiment Teaching Center of Sichuan University
Arts Comprehensive Experiment Teaching Center was found in September 2006 based on experiment teaching of Economics and Management and original Arts Experiment Center through years’ exploration, practice, integration and construction. It was approved to be the National Level Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center in 2009.
Featured in deep integration of modern technology and humanistic education, the Center focus on experiment education and theory and practice, and has established an innovative experiment teaching system of three-level and four-module. And the development strategy is as the following: “based on basic experiment, focus on comprehensive experiment and leaded by innovative experiment”. The above-mentioned improves the quality of experiment teaching and reaches to a new level, as well as covers the whole school. The Center can offer 160 experiment courses and 397 experiment items. Every year, 15771 students will finish experiment here, and the annual teaching loading reaches up to 353936 person• credit hour.
The Center has made remarkable achievements in teaching reform, discipline construction, scientific research and personnel training: 331 research projects; publication of 1176 papers; 69 Teaching Achievement Award of provisional level or above; publication of 43 textbooks.
The Center implements three-level management system (University, the Center and Subcenter) and director responsibility system, which is different from traditional University and College two-level management system. The Center appoints 1 director and 4 deputy directors. Totally there are 112 teaching staff, including 35 with senior title, 49 with assistant title, 27 with middle title. 28 of the teachers have doctor degree, 33 have master degree, 43 have bachelor degree and 8 others.
The Center covers 14916 square meters, and has 2297 sets of equipment with a total value more than 15,920,000 RMB.
Experiment courses offered by the Center:
Technological Base of Journalism and Communication
Statistical Computer Practice
Management Psychology
Social Psychology
Mental Regulation Method and Technology
TV Photograph
Documentary Appreciation
Basic Advertisement of Art-1
Basic Advertisement of Art -2
Moot Court Teaching Experiment
Legal Clinics Experimental Teaching
Legal Information Retrieval and Practice
Electronic Data Processing
Basics of Animation Design
Motion Law
Photography and Video
Traditional Patterns
Expression Techniques
Font Design
Graphic Creation
Format Design
Basics of Calligraphy
Container modeling
Decorative Picture
Constitution Foundation
Basics of Photography
Commercial Photography
Computer Art and Design
Ornamental Sculpture
Expression Techniques
Material Arts
Basics of Environment Art Engineering
Basics of Interior Decoration-1
Basics of Interior Decoration-2
Basics of Environment Art Engineering-1
Basics of Environment Art Engineering-2
Basic Ink Painting of Landscape Painting
Basic Line Drawing of Flower-bird Painting
Basic Line Drawing of Figure Painting
Computer Network
Object-oriented Programming
Principles of Operating System
C Programming
Professional skill of Archive
Office Automation
E-Government Management
Advertising Photography
Web Application Development
Business Operation Competition Simulation
Manual Accounting Experiment 1
Information Description
Information Organization
Information Retrieval
Digital Library Technology
Information Indexing
Information Analysis
Social Insurance Fund Management
Introduction to Aesthetics
General Psychology
Computer Advertising Design
Advertise Online
Multimedia and Electronic Publication
Editing Practice and Skills
Film Analyses
Graphic Advertisement Design -1
News Editing
Broadcast Television Editing
Book Binding and Computer Typesetting
Broadcasting and Hosting
News Photography
Graphic Advertisement -2
Basics of TV and Movies and Appreciation
Netnews and Cultural Transmission
Principles of Discovery and Investigation
Forensic Psychiatry
Programming Basics
Facilities Planning and Logistic Analysis
Visual Programming
Management Information System
Accounting Computerization
Visual Practical Management Software Development
Data Structure
Network Marketing
On-line Payment and E-Bank
Network and Its Application
Graduation Design (Animation)
Graduation Design (Drawing)
Video Technology and Post Production
Graduation Creation (Directing)
Graduation Creation (Music)
Graduation Creation (Dance)
Web Design
Basic Training of Acting
Basic Skills for Character Creation
Complete Character Creation
Rehearsal of Graduation Operas
Landscape Painting
Flower-bird Painting
Figure Painting
Graduation Creation (Animation)
After Effect
Production of 3D Animation
Production of 2D Animation
Cartoon Creation
Book Binding
Advertisement Design
Packaging Design
Logo Design
Display Design
Interior Design
Sight Design
Financial Engineering Experiment
Information Management System
Information Security
Multimedia Technology
Information Retrieval Technology
Web Technology and Development
Secretary Work Practice
Database Technology
Business Intelligence
Management Optimization
Manual Accounting Experiment
Service Operations Special
Application Practice of Project Management
Production System Special
Management Modeling Practice
Database Technology and Application
Object-oriented Programming
Multimedia Technology and Application
Research Method of Information Management
Information Service and User Study
Digital Information Management
Cadastral Survey
Real Estate Appraisal
Social Survey and Research Method
Broadcasting News
Advertising Effect Assessment
Business Environment Advertisement
TV Special Shows (including documentary)
Advertising Media Planning
Advertising Planning
Advertisement Case Study
Work Research
Production Plan Control
Quality Control and Reliability
Human Factor
Analysis and Design Practice of Information System

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