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Post doctoral Stations
State Recommended Courses
SCU Demonstrative Center for Lab Learning
Majors and Courses
Majors and Courses
college majorsmain courses
College of ArtMusicIntroduction to  Art
 Performance(for music)Brief Introduction of Chinese Fine Arts
 Performance(for film)Aesthetics of Film
 Cartoon makingAnimation Composition
 Video Television DirectorArtistic Practice
 Art design(for plane design)Ornamental Painting
 Art design(for environmental art design)Architectural Graphics
 Painting(for oil painting)basic of Skething
 Painting(for  painting of chinese)Traditional Patterns
College of EconomicEconomicFinance
 International Economic and TradeMonetary and Banking
 International Economic and Trade(bilingual)Western Economics 
 Finance  (bilingual)Accounting
 FinanceInternational Economics 
 Business FinanceResearch of Socialist Economy
 National Economic and managementHistory Economics of China and Foreign Courtry 
 Financial EngineeringTheory of Marketing Price
College of LawLawlaw
College of Literture and News Chinese Aesthetics 
 Chinese for teaching aboard Chinese Classic
 Chinese language literature(bass class)Foreign Literature
 NewsModern Chinese 
 Video Television NewsSeminars on Language and Literature
 AdvertisingJournalism Theories 
 EditionMedia Criticism
 Drama and Film literatureNews Comments
College of Foreign LanguageEnglishFoundation of Literature
 RussianComprehensive English
 FrenchBritish Literature
 Spanishoral French
College of History and cultureHistory Ancient Chinese 
 History (bass class)Ancient World History 
 Archeology Specialty English 
 MuseologyHistory of Modern World 
 Travel ManagementReading Report
College of PoliticsInternational PoliticsContemporary Chinese Political System
College of MathmaticsMath and Applied MathematicsAbstract Algebra
 Math CatogriesPartial Differential Equations
 Math and Applied Mathematics(bass class)Scientific Computation 
 Information and Computational Mathematics  Financial Mathematics 
 Statistics  Acutuarial Science
College of Physics SciencePhysics (bass class)Calculus 
 Physics Linear Algebra
 Physics CategoriesProbability Statistics
 Applied PhysicsModern Physics Experiments
 Nuclear Physics  Physics Experiment
 Microelectronics Theoretical Mechanics
 Nuclear Engineering and TechologyNuclear Technique Basis 
College of ChemistyChemistry (bass class)Inorganic Chemistry
 Chemistry  Synthetic Chemistry 
 Chemistry  CategoriesPhysical Chemistry Experiment
 Applied ChemistryIntegrated Chemical Experiment
College of Biology Science Biology Science CategoriesProcess in Life Science 
 Biology Science Immunology
 Biology TechnoloygBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
 Biology Science (bass class)Cell Engineering
 Biology(bass class)Developmental Biology
 Biology Technoloyg(bass class)Molecular Biology
 EcologyGene Engineering
 Landscape Architecture  Gentics
College of Electronics and
Information Technology
Electronics Information Science and TechnologyTheory of Circuit
 Electronics Information CategoriesData Structure and Algorithmic Analysis
 Optical information Science and TechnologyAnalog Electronic
 Optical information Science and Technology
Analog Electronic Technology Esperiments
 Information SaftyPrinciple of Automatic Control
 Electronics Information EngineeringSwicth Technology
 Electronics Science and TechnologyDigital Audio and Video Technology
College of Polymer Science
and Engineering
Polymer Material and Engineering Biopolymer and Proucts
 Polymer Material and Processing
Coating and Adhesives
College of Material Science
 and Engineering 
Material PhysicsDevelopmental of Materials Science
 Material Chemsitry Fundamental of Materials Science
 Metal Material Engineering Specialty Practice
 Inorganic Non-Metal Material Engineering Engineering Graphics
 Biomedical Engineering Composite Materials
 Biomedical Engineering (for  Biomaterialsand Artificial Organs   )Powder Metallurgy materials
 Biomedical Engineering (for  Biomedical
 Instrument )
New Nonferrous Metals
College of Manufacturing Science and Engineering Machine Design and Manufacturing  AutomationTheoretical Mechanics
 Material modelling and controlling EngineeringAnalog Electronic Technology 
 Industry DesignBasis of Mechanical Manufactory
 Measurement and Control Technology Mechanical Design
College of Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyElectrical Engineering AutomationBasis of Analog Electronic Technology
 Electrical Engineering CategoriesPrinciple of Microcomputer and Interface
 AutomationElectric Machine
 Communication EngineeringPower Electric
 Medical Information Engineering High voltage Engineering
College of Computer Science Computer Science and TechnologyAssembly Language 
 Computer Science and Technology CategoriesPractice in Assembly Language
 Network EngineeringOperating System 
College of Architecture and EnvironmentEnvironmental SciencePinciple of Architecture Design
 Architecture Categories Detail Design of Architecture
 Architecture Practice of Fine Arts
 Urban PlanningEnvironmental Model
 Civil Engineering Ubran Planning
 Civil Environmental Engineering History of Urban Development
 Water Supply and Drainage  Conspectus of Urban Design
 Landscape Architecture Design  Materials of Building and Landscape
 Environmental EngineeringPrinciple of Interior Design 
 Engineering  Mechanics Architectural Resources
 Project CostIntroduction to Civil Engineering
College of Hydraulic and
Hydra-Electric Engineering 
Heat and Power EngineeringHydraulics
 Water Resource Categories Structure Mechanics
 Water Resource and HydropowerBuilding Materials 
 Hydrology and Water Resources  Rock mechanics
 Agriculture Irrigation and Drainage
Evaluation of Construction Project
College of Chemisty EngineeringMetallurgy EngineeringCognitive Practice
 Process Equipment  and Controlling
Production Practice 
 Safty Engineering Manufacture Technology of Process Equipment
 Chemistry Engineering and Technology Design of Pressure Vessels
 Pharmaceutical Engineering Process Machinery
 Bioengineering  Engineering Heat Transfer
College of Light Industry andTextic and Food Engineering Food Science and Engineering Food Biochemistrial Experiments
 Light Chemical EngineeringProfessional Experiment of Food Technology 
 Light Chemical Engineering (Leather trading)Analysis for Light Chemical Engineering
 Light Chemical Engineering (Leather Design )Fur Technology
 Textile Engineering Fiber Chemistry and Physics(bilingual)
 Fashion Design Project  Materials for Leather Products
 Light Industry Bioengineering Tanning Chemistry 
College of SoftwareSoftware Engineering Computer Architecture
College of Public AdminstrationPhilosophy  Fundation of Logic
 Information Management and SystemData Structure  
 AdministrationElectric Commerce
 Administration(for Athletes )Calculus 
 Public AdminstrationTheories and Methods of Public Policy
 Labor and Social Security Western Economics 
 Land Resource Management Electric Affair
 Archives Management Information System
 Information Resource ManagementPublic Economics
College of BusinessManagement Sciecce Program Evaluation and Review Technique
 Industry EngineeringOperation Research for Management
 Engineering ManagementService Marketing 
 Business ManagementInternational Trade  
 Business Management CategoriesSales Management
 Marketing  Budgetary Accounting
 AccountingInternational Accounting
 Human Resource ManagementSecurities Investment
 Accounting (ACCA)Laws and Policies on Human Resource Management
 E-BusinessOrganizational Behavior 
 Fiance Management 
College of Forensic MedicineBasic Medical (bass class )Experiment of Histology and Embryology
 Basic MedicalPhysiology
 Forensic Science Diagnostics
College of Predinical MedinineMaternal and Child Health  Radiology
 Clinical  (5 years )Clinical Anatomy-part 
 Clinical (8 years )Medical Immunology
 Medical Testing Medical Microbiology
 Rehabilitation Experiment of Pathogenic Biology
 Medical Technology   (Respiratory Therapy ) Obstetrics and Gynecology
 Medical Technology  ( Medical Nutrition) Medical Genntics 
 Medical Technology  ( Optometry  ) Human Parasitology
 Medical Technology  (Medical Imaging ) Pediatrics
 Medical Technology  Biopharmaceutical
 NursingClinical Nutrition
College of StomatologyStomatology (5 years)Prosthodontics
 Stomatology(7 years)Orthodontics
 Stomatology (8 years)Occlusion
College of Public HealthPreventive Medicine  Medical Microbiology
 Health Inspection Internal Medicine
 Business Management( Pharmaceutical
 enterprises management)
 Public Adminstration ( health insurance )Disease Prevention and Control
 Public Adminstration ( Pharmaceutical
enterprises )
Health Economics
College of MedicineMedicineMedicinal and Pharmaaceutical Chemistry 
  Experiment of Pharmaceutical Botany

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