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Chinese government scholarship programs and oversea training for SU faculty and students:
1.The specialized CSC-SUNY scholarship program organized by Ministry of Education of China, Chinese Scholarship Council and the State University of New York, aimed at helping the college students coming from the earth quake areas of Sichuan Province, has selected 150 college students for one year of studying in SUNY, in which there are 26 from Sichuan University. And all of them will complete the study program and come back home in May of 2009.
2.Chinese Government Scholarship for Postgraduates Program supports around 100 postgraduates from our university each year to study abroad for a doctor degree
3.Sichuan University and the Chinese Scholarship Council under the Ministry of Education jointly support around 24 to 30 of our young teachers to study abroad each year
4.Since 2007, we have sent 300 or so administrators to receive four weeks of intensive training at some of the top universities abroad. This program is jointly supported by Sichuan University and the Chinese Scholarship Council.
5.Every year 20 young faculty members from the Foreign Languages School benefit from the Language training program in Arizona State University
6.Each year about 25 to 30 young faculty members are selected for one month of English language and culture training in Australia or United states.

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