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News and Events
Sichuan University Delegation Revisits Poland
Dec. 13th to 17th, 2016, a delegation led by Vice President Yan Shijing paid another visit to Poland. The delegation comprised relevant heads of Academic Affairs Office, Office of Social Sciences, School of Economics, College of Foreign Languages & Cultures and International Office, etc. of Sichuan University.
This trip was mainly intended to attend the first work conference of “Polish +” program held in the University of Warsaw (UW), a joint training program for students from SCU and UW. It marked the official launch of this cooperative project. Both parties attached great importance to the project. This meeting was attended by a UW workgroup, composed of Vice-Rector Maciej Duszczyk, Vice-Rector Jolanta Choinska-Mika, former Vice-Rector Marta Kicinka-Habior, as well as the heads of its Institute of International Relations,Faculty of Polish Studies, Faculty of Economic Sciences and International Students Office. The meeting not only determined the course schemes of “Polish + Economics” “Polish + International Relations”, but witnessed specific consultation over student exchange, teacher exchange, cooperation between the Institutes of International Relations and short-term training on Polish. And it was agreed that the Project Workgroup of UW will visit SCU on Jan, 2017, to detail and improve the above contents and sign an agreement on all-round cooperation.


December 15th, the delegation visited the University of Lodz (UL). An informal discussion was held between the delegation and the host, including Prof. Pawel Starosta, Vice-Rector for Domestic and International Cooperation, Prof. Stawomir Cieslak, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Tomasz Cieslak, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Grzegorz Urbanek, Vice-Rector for Economic Affairs, together with the heads of UL’s Institute of Management, School of Economics and Society, the Center for Asian Affairs Studies, the Center for Polish Studies, and International Students Office. Two sides exchanged their views about the construction of Chengdu-Europe Express Rail, economic development and cooperation between Chengdu and Lodz, as well as cultivation of talents, and agreed to co-organize a “Chengdu-Europe Express Rail” & Logistics and Supply Chain Management Seminar in SCU, under the help of Chengdu and Lodz in the second half of 2017. Meanwhile, two parties also agreed to cooperate in teaching and training on Chinese and Polish, and exchange teachers.


On the afternoon of December 15th, Mr. Stepien, Governor of Lodz, met with the delegation. Governor Stepien claimed that Lodz attaches great importance to the cooperation between SCU and UL, hoping that both universities can translate their desire for cooperation into concrete results and realize mutual exchange of teachers and students as early as possible. At the same time, he expressed his appreciation of and support to the seminar proposal. The two parties also discussed the feasibilities of short-term training on Economic Management by SCU for the civil servants and businessmen of Lodz.
During the stay in Lodz, the delegation also visited Hatrans, the Polish operator of Chengdu-Europe Express Rail, and had an insight into the operation of the Express Rail. The delegation invited Hatrans to attend “Chengdu-Europe Express Rail” & Logistics and Supply Chain Management Seminar, and reached a consensus with Hatrans with respect to the internship of SCU’s student in Polish+ major programs.
During its visit in Poland, our delegation also visited Nicolaus Copernicus University, where they had friendly talks with Vice Rector Wojciech Wysota and the heads of related departments and colleges. Both parties have agreed to cooperate in student cultivation, student exchange, organizing summer camps, and holding academic conference, amongst others.


The delegation also made presentations concerning the “Belt and Road Initiative” Scholarship of SCU in UW, UL, and NCU, to encourage teachers and students of the universities in Poland to pursue further studies and research in SCU.


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