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News and Events
News and Events
A Series of Lectures Held in SCUPI
What is Entrepreneurship?


On Friday, March 10, the faculty of SCUPI invited Professor Lawrence Feick from University of Pittsburgh to give students a lecture about “Entrepreneurship.” 


At the very beginning, Professor Feick talked about the word “entrepreneur” and asked the question “What kind of people can become entrepreneurs?” After a short interaction with the audience, the professor listed four topics for the lecture:
•What is entrepreneurship?
•Why is it important?
•What are the characteristics of entrepreneurs?
•If I have an idea, what should I do?

According to the professor, the following two factors are helpful to become an entrepreneur .The first thing is to come up with new ideas and approaches which are needed in the practice of a new business. The other thing is to be brave to take the risks. Professor Feick then pointed out the importance of small businesses: they are the pillar of most economies. By displaying data and stories of some famous entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Sara Blakely, Professor Feick told students the importance of entrepreneurship.When describing the characteristics of entrepreneurs, he listed the following words:persistence, lifelong learning, willingness to take risk, independence, and luck. At the end of the lecture, Professor Feick emphasized “failure.” Just like Gatorade’s Morgan Flatley said, “Willingness to fail is a competitive advantage for all brands. "
The lecture ended in a short display of steps to become an entrepreneur and with a Q&A session given by Professor Feick.
Information Retrieval and Utilization
On the morning of Friday, March 10, 2017, all freshmen from Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute went to the library on Jiang'an campus of Sichuan University to learn how to use the online library resources.
During the lecture, Professor Hu divided his lecture into four partsincluding the intrduction of the electronic resources of Sichuan University library, retrieval methods of foreign language databases, online free academic resources, and the methods to use reference management software.
Professor Wang mainly talked about the third and the fourth parts. He introduced two kinds of retrieval systems to get papers from online library. The first one is EI, and the paper we get from this system can be divided into two parts. For some of them, we can get the entire paper, and for the others we can only get their abstract. In this retrieval system, we can use the search system once and reduce the range of the things we really want. The other retrieval system is SCI. This system will count how many times the articles or papers have been cited in other articles. So it will be convenient for us to compare resources and to find the more reliable ones.
He also introduced some useful ways to get resources from internet. One of the most important ones is to get information from the national patent website. This is because this website has very specific explanations for the ideas and products.
Participants in the one hour lecture received a great deal of helpful information from Professor Wang. Using the methods he described, it will be much easier and convenient to get information from online.


Engineering Education Lecture

On Friday, March 10, Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute welcomed Dr. Qingming Wang, professor and director of the Graduate Program, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Sciences at University of Pittsburgh. Professor Wang gave a lecture about Pitt’s undergraduate engineering program and career opportunities. SCUPI freshmen, as well as professors and staff, attended the lecture.
Dr. Wang delivered five main points:
•What is engineering?
•What do engineers do?
•How do I become an engineer?
•What are Mechanical Engineering and Material Science Engineering?
•What is the mission of the Swanson School of Engineering at Pitt?

Additionally, Dr. Wang introduced the University of Pittsburgh and the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. According to Dr. Wang, there are four key words for SCUPIANs: creation, innovation, design and exploration.These are important for an engineer. At the end of this speech, students and professors in SCUPI held a discussion with Dr. Wang. The lecture revealed the spirit of engineers and engineering, and in the future, SCUPI will have more events like this to help students know more about their subjects.

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