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News and Events
News and Events
Sino-Russian “Yangtze-Volga” University Alliance Launched in Chengdu, Followed by Think Tank Forum
  October 27th, as an important part of Sino-Russian “Yangtze-Volga” cooperation mechanism, Sino-Russian "Yangtzer-Volga" University Alliance was officially launched in Chengdu, immediately followed by the first-ever major event of the Alliance – Think Tank Forum of Sino-Russian "Yangtze-Volga" University Alliance. Sergei Dmitriyev, President of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, serves as the chairman of Russian parties in the Alliance, and Xie Heping, President of Sichuan University, as the chairman of Chinese parties in the Alliance.
  Over 150 persons, including presidents of 36 Russian institutions and 29 Chinese universities, which are alliance members, and renowned experts and scholars in international studies and some other fields of China and Russia, attended the launching conference, witnessing the official kick-off of the Alliance. The conference was chaired by Yan Shijing, Secretary-General of the University Alliance and Vice-President of Sichuan University.
  President Xie Heping of SCU made a speech at the ceremony. He pointed out that this university alliance will undertake the responsibility and mission of promoting cultural exchanges, and high-end inter-institution cooperation between the two nations, and supporting the construction of the “Belt and Road”; it will strive to build a key platform and yardstick in facilitating in-depth exchange and cooperation in the areas of education, science and technology, and culture between China and Russia. As the chairman of Chinese parties in the Alliance, he expects the Alliance to realize five visions: to become an eye-catching brand for strengthening China-Russia higher education cooperation and cultural exchanges; to become a high-end think tank for promoting the “Belt and Road” construction and Sino-Russian "Yangtze-Volga" cooperation; to become a powerful support for fueling both states’ universities’ efforts to build world-class universities; to become a platform that is open to the world and can converge superior innovative resources, and facilitate both nations’ innovation and creation; and to become a talent highland for cultivating future leaders of China and Russia. Sichuan University hopes to take this opportunity to join hands with other Alliance members to share responsibilities and resources, and contribute more wisdom and power to Sino-Russian "Yangtze-Volga" cooperation and the construction of “Belt and Road”, and both nations’ prosperity and development.
  Sergei Dmitriyev, Chairman of Russian parties in the Alliance and President of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, indicated in his speech that, more than 60 universities of China and Russia will make concerted efforts, make common progress, and actively participate in the construction of the Alliance, so that the development of the two basins will be bonded closely. Member universities should feel glorious to shoulder the task of promoting the two countries’ economic and political development, and immerge themselves into the historical flood to gain more plentiful cooperation fruits, he added.
  Six experts from China and Russia delivered keynote speeches under such topics as "Construction of ‘Belt and Road’ and Regional Development of China and Russia", "Docking Mechanism for Cooperation between "Belt and Road" and "Yangtze – Volga", "Prospects and Challenges of Sino-Russian ‘Yangtze–Volga’ Cooperation, "Economic and Trade Cooperation as well as Educational and Cultural Cooperation under the Framework of ‘Yangtze–Volga’ cooperation". They rendered good suggestions to the construction of Sino-Russian “Yangtze-Volga” cooperation mechanism, as well as educational cooperation, cultural exchange, and economic win-win development of the two states.
  On the afternoon, two sub-forums under the “Alliance” Think Tank Forum, namely Presidents Forum and Scholars Forum, were held concurrently.
  At the closing ceremony, member universities jointly released the 2017 "Yangtze-Volga" University Alliance Chengdu Initiative. The initiative calls for joint efforts by members of the Alliance to contribute wisdom and power to a continually peaceful, mutually prosperous, open and inclusive world.
  The cooperation and exchange between Sichuan University and Russian institutions enjoys a long history. In 2012, Ms. Matvienko, President of Russian Federal Committee, said during her visit to Sichuan University that, “Russian institutions should have direct connection with Chinese universities like Sichuan University, which will be favorable to China-Russian cultural and educational exchange”. In recent years, Sichuan University has made tireless efforts to promote cultural and educational cooperation of China and Russia, by building cooperative relationship with Lomonosov Moscow State University, St Petersburg University, Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, and some other celebrated Russian institutions, co-building a batch of international high-end think tank platforms such as the Center for Modern Russian Studies, Research Center for Sino-Russian Culture. Relying on these platforms, the University has carried out a series of forward-looking and strategic researches on the two nations’ ties in politics, economy, culture, and diplomatic relations. A Grand Dictionary of Chinese Spirit and Culture, a major Sino-Russian cultural cooperation project underway, under which SCU and Russian Academy of Sciences take the lead, has been highly praised by President Xi Jinping. This project proves some extent SCU’s contribution to cultural exchanges and educational cooperation between the two countries.

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