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News and Events
News and Events
Famous Sinologist Anatoly Lukyanov of the Russian Academy of Sciences Visits SCU
On March 29th, SCU Vice President Yan Shijing met with the famous Sinologist Anatoly Lukyanov of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES) at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Leaders and faculty of relevant departments joined their meeting, which Vice President Yan opened with an overview of the university’s history, development and academic concentrations.
During the meeting, Vice President Yan highlighted several notable accomplishments of the Institute for the Study of Sino-Russian Culture, jointly established by the Institute of Far Eastern Studies and Sichuan University, including the groundbreaking publications of ancient classics in Russian translation, such as the Spring and Autumn Annals, the Doctrine of the Mean and the Shijing. These types of projects, Yan noted, substantially contribute to cultural dialogue and exchange within the larger historical framework of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative.  
Pointing out the recent re-instatements of both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin as heads of state, Professor Lukyanov suggested that Sino-Russian relations were very favorable at the moment, with Chairman Xi describing the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries as one of mutual, collaborative support, one which in turn offers a solid foundation for cooperation in cultural and educational sectors. Lukyanov was highly appreciate of the energetic and inter-disciplinary participation in a special seminar on Sino-Russian studies co-organized by the Sino-Russian Cultural Studies Center within the School of International Studies at SCU; he looks forward to strengthening cooperative ties between Russian and Chinese academics in Russian area studies, Sinology and related fields.
At the close of the meeting, Professor Lukyanov presented Sichuan University with a copy of the Russian translation of the Shi Jing, jointly edited by Chinese and Russian experts in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Sino-Russian Culture.


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