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A Speech Delivered by H.E. Mr. Mohammad Sarwar of Afghanistan in SCU

2016-11-10 17:08



  On the afternoon of November 3, Mr. Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, the Second Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, visited Sichuan University and delivered a speech. Mr. Danesh highly evaluated the “One Belt and One Road” initiative put forward by the Chinese President Xi Jinping.
  "The 'One Belt and One Road' initiative is a great action and also an important strategy for Asia-Europe-Africa win-win cooperation, marking a key turning point for international integration and beneficiary complementation,” said Mr. Danesh. This great conception has connected closely the 4.5-billion population in 64 countries and also the global civilizations, so it could further promote worldwide culture exchange, and play a due role in the economic development, regional stability and security for the benefit of the countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, he added.
The Silk Road had a history of more than 2,000 years, and Afghanistan was an important channel on the Silk Road; numerous pilgrims and caravans gathered here for trading and communications. “The renaissance of the Silk Road was of significance to the economic development of Afghanistan.”
  Mr. Danesh briefed the regional importance and investment advantages of Afghanistan, and welcomed China's continuous investment in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, he also mentioned the problems faced by Afghanistan in politics, security and other aspects, in the hope that the Chinese influence could promote the peace process of Afghanistan.
  Mr. Danesh also expressed his strong will to conduct cooperation and exchange with SCU. As compared with the 120-year long history of SCU, Kabul University, the oldest one in Afghanistan, has a history of only 85 years, he said, adding that SCU could further bolster its communication with other universities in Afghanistan on the basis of the cooperation with Kabul University.
In the lecture, Vice President Danesh had a heated exchange with the students of SCU about the opportunities and conditions brought forward from “One Belt and One Road” initiative for developing Sino-Afghanistan relationship, the assistance of China for the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan, the most popular or most potential investment fields in the economic and trade cooperation, the endeavors made by Afghanistan for becoming an official member of SCO, etc.
Academician Xie Heping expressed thanks to the splendid speech delivered by Mr. Danesh. He noted that, SCU has a good basis for studies of Afghanistan issues; relying on the scientific research advantages of the Institute of South Asian Studies, the Center for Studies of Afghanistan Issues and other research institutions, it has edited and published the monthly magazine for Afghanistan situations, the annual report for Afghanistan issues and other high-end academic reports; meanwhile, it selected research personnel to participate in a series of international seminars involving Afghanistan issues. SCU has made special contributions to promoting the stability of the entire region and deepening the Sino-Afghanistan friendship. It is believed that, the cooperation between SCU and Kabul University as well as other universities in Afghanistan will make more important contributions to the economic and social development of the two countries, becoming a new milestone to the mutual cooperation on higher education.
  Prior to the lecture, President Xie Heping met Vice President Danesh and other delegation members. During the meeting, President Xie expressed that, during the construction process of "One Belt and One Road", and the development process of Afghanistan, SCU is pleased to make its own contribution and support relevant experts of Afghanistan to study religious cultures of the two countries and also the role of both countries in "One Belt and One Road" strategy; SCU will establish cooperation with Kabul University, and jointly organize a forum for Afghanistan issues' academic research in association with the relevant competent departments of Afghanistan. SCU has specifically allocated RMB 100 million of scholarship to encourage young students in countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, including Afghanistan, to study in Sichuan University. “It is believed that, the cooperation between Sichuan University, Kabul University and other universities of Afghanistan will make more important contributions to the economic, social and cultural development of the two countries, becoming a new milestone to the mutual cooperation on higher education.”


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