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Chinanews Pays Close Attention to SCU’s High-level Sci-tech Innovation Achievements

On June 19th,2017, Chinanews released a news report named "A Batch of SCU’s Sci-tech Innovation Achievements Take a Lead in the World", focusing on major sci-tech breakthroughs that are independently developed by SCU recently and advanced in the world, as well as the construction of high-level discipline clusters with distinctive features in SCU. Following is the full text of the news:

In recent years, Sichuan University has achieved a batch of sci-tech breakthroughs which are developed independently, ranking top level in the world.

These achievements include: the internationally innovative "preparation method of graphene rubber nanocomposites and tyre with latex process", the first-ever large scale production line of China with the key technology in preparation of Li-ion battery separator under foreign monopoly, the first artificial kidney blood dialyzer in China, the first organic chemistry reaction named after a Chinese person--design, synthesis and application of new highly-efficient chiral catalyst marking a breakthrough in key technologies of special polymer materials and promoting the upgrading of traditional materials, the CO2 mineralization power generation (CMC) technology enabling CO2 emission reduction in a profitable way, the world-leading biological material having biological activity and inducible tissue regeneration, the “electromagnetic shielding leather” and “bionic super-hydrophobic leather”, as well as the new green flame retardant technology leading the development of international fire safety materials.

These high-level sci-tech innovation achievements rely on the great efforts of SCU to fully give play its multidisciplinary advantages by focusing on the world's frontier technologies and significant regional demands, so as to establish the first-class disciplines and specialty system, comprehensively improve its overall strength in disciplines and specialty, and its international competition. To this end, it has set up several new high-level inter-discipline platforms, shaping a group of distinctive high-level discipline clusters and systems with predominant disciplines and special research directions.

According to Essential Science Indicators of Thomson Reuters, the number of SCU's disciplines ranking top 1% in the world increased from 6 in 2011 to 14 today, taking the 10th place nationwide. Among them, chemistry and materials science are listed in top 1% in the world, while other 6 disciplines (clinical medicine, engineering, pharmacology, toxicology and biochemistry) are listed in top 5% in the world.


In order to "obtain major projects, win great prizes, and cultivate masters” for the disciplines like science, engineering and medicine, and “generate schools of thought, masterworks, and masters” for the disciplines like arts, SCU has actively undertaken 13 national key R & D projects, for which it received CNY 280 million as special funds, and the total funding for scientific research increased from CNY 1.5 billion to CNY 2 billion.


Currently, the English periodicals--"International Journal of Stomatology" (IJOS) and "Bone Research" sponsored by SCU, have been officially included into the serial journals of "Nature" and cited journals of SCI, becoming the top 1 English journal in Stomatology and Bone in Asia. "Collection of Liao Ping", the significant symbolic achievement of the grand cultural classics "Complete Collection of Bashu", won the first prize of 2015 Excellent Ancient Books and the Sinology Achievements Award of “the 2ndGlobal Chinese Sinology Ceremony”.


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