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Guoying Li

Name:Guoying Li

Title: Professor

Department and Major: Department of Biomass and Leather Engineering,

Laboratory or Office: Room No.417-418, Leather Building

Telephone number: 028-85462568


Research Field: Collagen Chemistry; Leather Clean Technology

Recent Publications:

1.      Huan Yang, Yi Deng, SongchengXu, Wentao Liu, Guoying Li*, Investigation on the interaction of collagen molecules in solution with different acetic acid concentrations, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2017, 35:45255-45263

2.      ZhenhuaTian, Wentao Liu, Guoying Li*, The microstructure and stability of collagen hydrogel cross-linked by glutaraldehyde, Polymer Degradation and Stability, 2016,130:264-270

3.      Cuicui Ding, Min Zhang, Guoying Li*. Fluorescence study on the aggregation of collagen molecules in acidsolution influenced by hydroxypropyl methylcellulose,Carbohydrate Polymers2016,136: 224-231

4.      ZhenhuaTian, LianDuan, LeiWu, LiruiShen, Guoying Li*. Rheological properties of glutaraldehyde-crosslinked collagen solutions analyzed quantitatively using mechanical models,Materials Science and Engineering C,2016,63: 10-17

5.      Huan Yang, SongchengXu, LiruiShen, Wentao Liu, Guoying Li*. Changes in aggregation behavior of collagen molecules in solution with varying concentrations of acetic acid,International Journal of Biological Macromolecules2016, 92: 581-586

6.      Conghu Li, LianDuan, ZhenhuaTian, Wentao Liu, Guoying Li*. Rheological behavior of acylated pepsin-solubilized collagen solutions: Effects of concentration,Korea-Australia Rheology Journal,2015, 27: 287-295

7.      Cuicui Ding, Min Zhang, Guoying Li*. Preparation and characterization of collagen/hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) blend film,Carbohydrate Polymers2015,119: 194-201

8.      Cuicui Ding, Min Zhang, Guoying Li*. Effect of cyclic freeze–thawing process on the structure and properties of collagen,International Journal of Biological Macromolecules2015, 80: 317-323

9.      Conghu LI, ZhenhuaTian,Wentao Liu, Guoying Li*. Structural properties of pepsin-solubilized collagen acylated by lauroyl chloride along with succinic anhydride,Materials Science and Engineering C2015, 55: 327-334

10.  Jiheng Li, Wentao Liu, Guoying Li*. The effect of glycerol and 2-propanol on the molecular aggregation of collagen in solution,International Journal of Biological Macromolecules2015, 72: 1097-1103

11.  LiruiShen, ZhenhuaTian, Guoying Li*. Influence on the physicochemical properties of fish collagen gels using self-assembly and simultaneous cross-linking with the N-hydroxysuccinimideadipic acid derivative,Connective Tissue Research2015, 56(3):244-252

12.  ZhenhuaTian, Kun Wu, LiruiShen, Guoying Li*. Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopic study on the thermally induced structural changes of glutaraldehyde-crosslinked collagen,SpectrochimicaActa Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy2015, 140:356-363

13.  Cuicui Ding, Min Zhang, Kun Wu, Guoying Li*. The response of collagen molecules in acid solution to temperature,Polymer2014,55: 5751-5759

14.  LianDuan, ZhenhuaTian, Conghu Li, Guoying Li*. Properties of collagen gels cross-linked by N-hydroxysuccinimideactivatedadipic acid deriviate,International Journal of Biological Macromolecules2014,69: 482-488

15.  Cuicui Ding, Min Zhang, Guoying Li*. Rheological properties of collagen/hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (COL/HPMC) blended solutions,Journal of Applied Polymer Science2014,131(7):40042

16.  Cong-HuLi, Wentao Liu, LianDuan, ZhenhuaTian,Guoying Li*. Surface activity of pepsin-solubilized collagen acylated by lauroyl chloride along with succinic anhydride,Journal of Applied Polymer Science2014,131(14):40174

17.  ZhenhuaTian, Conghu Li, LianDuan, Guoying Li*. The physicochemical properties of collagen solutions cross-linked by glutaraldehyde,Connective Tissue Research2014,55(3):239-247

18.  Min Zhang, Guoying Li*. Partial characterization of fish skin collagen cross-linked by N-hydroxysuccinimide activated adipic acid,Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology2014, 23: 44-58

Sichuan University and Monash University 2+2 Chemical Engineering Program[组图]
Our teachers attended the 6th East Asia International Conference of Food Industry Status and Directi
Leather experts from Rumania were invited to visit National Engineering Laboratory for Clean Technol


Main campus address:

Wangjiang campus: section of Chengdu No. 24 Southern Yihuan Code: 610065 | 29 Jiuyanqiao WangjiangRoad,
Chengdu Zip: 610064
Huaxi Campus: Chengdu, People’s SouthRoad was on the 17th Zip: 610041
Jiang’an Campus: Shuangliu County, Chengdu, Sichuan road Zip: 610207

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