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Name:Wei LIN

Title: Professor

Department and Major: Biomass and Leather Engineering

Laboratory or Office: No.504#,Leather Building, Sichuan University

Telephone number: 028-8546 0819


Research Field:Leather-making Chemistry and Engineering; Collagen-based Biomass Materials; Risk Screening and Risk Control of Leather Chemicals toward Eco-leather Manufacturing.


Recent Publications:

[1]     Chunhua Wang, Chunfeng Ma*, Changdao Mu, Wei Lin*. Tailor-made zwitterionic polyurethane coatings: microstructure, mechanical property and their antimicrobial performance. RSC Adv. 2017, 7: 27522C27528

[2]     Huan Tan,Jingjing Wei,Guanqing Sun,Changdao Mu,Wei Lin*, To Ngai*. Interconnected macroporous 3D scaffolds templated from gelatin nanoparticle-stabilized high internal phase emulsions for biomedical applications. Soft Matter2017, 13: 3871C2877

[3]     Chunhua Wang, Changdao Mu*, Wei Lin*. Preparation and property of Anti-biofouling Zwitterionic Polyurethane Leather Coating. J. Soc. Leather Technol. Chem. 2017, 101: 186C189

[4]     Jiabo Shi, Rita Puig*, Jun Sang, Wei Lin*. A comprehensive evaluation of physical and environmental performances for wet-white leather manufacture. J. Cleaner Production. 2016, 139: 1512C1519

[5]     Changpeng Li*, Changdao Mu, Wei Lin*. Novel Hemocompatible Nanocompsite Hydrogels Crosslinked with Methacrylated Gelatin. RSC Advances 2016, 6: 43663C43671

[6]     Keshuai Ren, Jun Sang, Lingyun Yu, Chunhua Wang, Mengru Wu, Wei Lin*. Determination of N, N-Dimethylformamide (DMF) in Waterborne Polyurethane by High Performance Liquid Chromatography. J. Soc. Leather Technol. Chem.2016, 100: 186C189

[7]     Jiabo Shi, Keshuai Ren,Chunhua Wang, Jie Wang, Wei Lin*. A Novel Approach forWet-White LeatherManufacture Based on Tannic Acid-LaponiteNanoclay Combination Tannage. J. Soc. Leather Technol. Chem. 2016,100: 25C30.

[8]     Changpeng Li, Changdao Mu, Wei Lin*, and To Ngai*. Gelatin Effects on the Physicochemical and Hemocompatible Properties of Gelatin/PAAm/Laponite Nanocomposite Hydrogels.ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces.2015, 7, 18732−18741.

[9]     Jun Sang, Lingyun Yu, Shudong Xie, Feng Zhang, Xiaolei Zhang*, Wei Lin*. Simultaneous Determination of N-methyl-2-pyrrolidonein (NMP) and N-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidinone (NEP) in Leather by Gas Chromatography−mass Spectrometry. J. Soc. Leather Technol. Chem.2015,99: 134C138.

[10] Xiaoying XU, Grau Baquero, Rita Puig*, Jiabo Shi, Jun Sang, Wei Lin*. Carbon footprint and toxicity indicators of alternative chromium free tanning in China. J. Am. Leather Chem. Assoc.2015, 110:130C137.

[11] Huan Tan, Bo Wu, Changpeng Li, Changdao Mu, Hongli Li*, Wei Lin*. Collagen cryogel cross-linked by naturally derived dialdehyde carboxymethyl cellulose. Carbohydr. Polym. 2015, 129: 17C24.

[12] Chunhua Wang, Chunfeng Ma*, Changdao Mu,Wei Lin*. A Novel Approach for Synthesis of Zwitterionic Polyurethane Coating with Protein Resistance. Langmuir 2014, 30: 12860−12867.

[13] Huan Tan, Guanqing Sun, Wei Lin, Changdao Mu*, To Ngai*. Gelatin Particle-Stabilized High Internal Phase Emulsions as Nutraceutical Containers. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2014, 6: 13977−13984.


Honors & Awards

2006 New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET) of Ministry of Education of China


2016   Youth Science and Technology Innovation LeaderTalentsof Ministry of Science and Technology of China (親室何嶄楳定親室幹仟糟嘱繁嘉)

2013   Academic and Technical Leaders in Sichuan (膨寒福僥宝才室宝揮遊繁)

College of Light Industry & Textile & Food Engineering address
Sichuan University and Monash University 2+2 Chemical Engineering Program[怏夕]
Our teachers attended the 6th East Asia International Conference of Food Industry Status and Directi
Leather experts from Rumania were invited to visit National Engineering Laboratory for Clean Technol


Main campus address:

Wangjiang campus: section of Chengdu No. 24 Southern Yihuan Code: 610065 | 29 Jiuyanqiao WangjiangRoad,
Chengdu Zip: 610064
Huaxi Campus: Chengdu, People¨s SouthRoad was on the 17th Zip: 610041
Jiang¨an Campus: Shuangliu County, Chengdu, Sichuan road Zip: 610207

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