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Zhou rong-qing
Name: Zhou rong-qing
Title: Professor/Ph.D
Department and Major: Bioengineering, Biomass &Leather Engineering Department 
Laboratory or Office: Rome No 208,Leather Building.
Telephone number: 13008118565; 0086-028-85406149
Research Field:Metabolic regulation of microbial community; The Application of Food biotechnology
Recent Publications:
1..Jin-Song Zhao,JiaZheng, Rong-Qing Zhou*,Bi Shi, Microbial community structure of pit mud in a Chinese strong aromatic liquor fermentation pit, Journal of the Institute of Brewing 2013,118(4):356-360.
2.Xiaofei, Ding. Chongde Wu., Jun Huang., Hui Li., Rongqiang Zhou*, Eubacterial and archaeal community characteristics in the man-made pit mud revealed by combined PCR-DGGE and FISH analyses. Food research international 2014, 62:1047-1053.
3.Chongde Wu, Jun Huang, Rongqing Zhou* .Progress in engineering acid stress resistance of lactic acid bacteria ApplMicrobiolBiotechnol mini-review 2014,98 10551063.
4.Rui-Ying Cui, JiaZheng. Chong-De Wu, Rong-qing Zhou*. Effect of different halophilic microbial fermentation patterns on the volatile compound profiles and sensory properties of soy suacemoromiEur Food Res Technol 2014:239:321-331.
5.Qiang Xia, Chongde Wu, Jun Huang, Rongqing Zhou*. Selection and application of potential whole- cell enzymes in the esterification of Huangshuui, a by-production formed during Chinese liquor Cmaking.Institute of Brewing &Distilling, 2014: 120 45-51.
6.Qiang Xia, Huawei Yuan, Chongde Wu, JiaZhengSuyi, Zhang , CaihongShen, Bin Yi and Rongqing Zhou*. An improved and validated samples cleanup method for analysis of ethyl carbamate in Chinese liquor. Journal of Food Science 2014: 9: 1854-1860.
7.Liqiang Zhang , Chongde Wu, Xiaofei Ding, JiaZheng, Rongqing Zhou*.Characterisation of microbial community in Chinese liquor fermentation starters Daqu using nested PCR-DGGE.World J MicrobiolBiotechnol, 2014: 30:3055-3063.
8.JiaZhengChongde Wu, Jun huang, Rongqing Zhou*, Xue pin Liao Spatial distribution of bacterial communities and related biochemical properties in Luzhou-flavor liquor-fermented grains IF 1.791 Journal of food science 2014, 12:
9. Xiao fei Ding, Chong de, WU, Li qiang, Zhang, JiaZheng., Rongqing, Zhou*. Characterization of eubacterial and archaeal community diversity in the pit mud of Chinese Luzhou Cflavor liquor by nested PCR-DGGE. World J MicrobiolBiotechnol, 2014: 30:605-612
10.Jia Zheng, Ruliang, Jun Huang, Rui Ping, Zhou, Zhe CJun Chen, Chong de Wu , Rongqing Zhou*, Xue pin Liao Volatile compounds of raw spirits from different distilling of Luzhou-flavor spirit .Food science and technology research, 2014,20: 283-293.
11.Chongde Wu., JiaZheng, Jun Huang., Rongqing Zhou*. Reduced nitrite and biogenic amine concentrations and improved flavor components of Chinese sauerkraut via co-culture of Lactobacillus plantarum and Zygosaacharomycesrouxii.AnnMicrobiol 2014,64847-857
12. Jia,Zheng., Ru, Liang, Chong deWu., Rongqing Zhou*., Xuepin,Liao. Discrimination of different kinds of Luzhou-flavor raw liquors based on their volatile features. Food research international 2014, 56:77-84.
13.Jia,Zheng, Ru,liang., Liquang, Zhang.,Chongde, Wu., Rongqing, Zhou., Xuepin, Liao. Characterization of microbial communities in strong aromatic liquor fermentation pit muds of different ages by combined DGGE and PLFA analyses. Food research international 2013, 54:660-666.
14.JiaZheng, Chongde Wu, Jun Huang, Rongqing Zhou*, Xuepin Liao. Analysis of volatile compounds in Chinese soy sauces moromi cultured by different fermentation processes.Food Science and Biotechnology. 2013.22(3):605-612.
15.JiaZheng, Chongde Wu, Jun Huang, Rongqing Zhou*, Xuepin Liao. Development of a rapid discrimination tool for Luzhou-flavor pit mud by Kohonen artificial neural network. Food Analytical Methods. 2014, (Doi10.1007/s12161-0140040-3)
16.Xiaofei,Ding., Chongde,Wu.,Jun, Hung., Rongqing Zhou*.,Interphase microbial community characteristics in the fermentation cellar of Chinese Luzhou-flavor liquor determined by PLFA and DGGE profiles. Food research international 2015, 72:16-24.
Honors & Awards
1.FirstClass Prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award
2.SecondClass Prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award
1.Member of Chinese Society for Microbiology, committee member of microbiology division.
2. Council member of Sichuan Food Science Society.
3.National registered consulting engineer (investment).
College of Light Industry & Textile & Food Engineering address
Sichuan University and Monash University 2+2 Chemical Engineering Program[怏夕]
Our teachers attended the 6th East Asia International Conference of Food Industry Status and Directi
Leather experts from Rumania were invited to visit National Engineering Laboratory for Clean Technol


Main campus address:

Wangjiang campus: section of Chengdu No. 24 Southern Yihuan Code: 610065 | 29 Jiuyanqiao WangjiangRoad,
Chengdu Zip: 610064
Huaxi Campus: Chengdu, People¨s SouthRoad was on the 17th Zip: 610041
Jiang¨an Campus: Shuangliu County, Chengdu, Sichuan road Zip: 610207

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