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The Department of English was one of the three departments in the early founding period of Sichuan University. The department, with a century-old history,

has nurtured numerous world-famous scholars and experts.  These include Wu Yu, Xie Wenbing, Zhong Zuoyou, Zhou Xuliang, Bian Zhilin, Qian Gechuan, Rao

Mengkan, Luo Niansheng, Gu Shouchang, Zhao Li, Shi Pu, Zhu Wenzhen, Wang Zhangshu, and Zhou Kaocheng.

The Department of English provides a solid foundation in language for its undergraduate students. It has strict entrance requirements for the students it

recruits.  Traditional courses, combined with modern teaching facilities, lay a solid foundation for language learning, and provide an integrated training

that encompasses listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation.

For the past four years, our students' pass rates for TEM-4 and TEM-8 have been 15 percent higher than the average for the comprehensive universities of

China. Those in 2005, in particular, were 30% higher than the national average.  For the past three years, our pass rates have been over 80 percent. 

The Department of English emphasizes the importance of a wide range of knowledge in literature and high culture. It has also conscienciously fostered

familiarity with the cultural and literary criticism of the American and European English-speaking countries.

The Department actively organizes and encourages students to compete in the annual English speech contest and theatrical festival.  Students of the English

Department have taken part in the annual national English speech and debating competitions.  They have successively won the first and second prizes for

the"21 Century Cup" English Speech Contest; successive first prizes in National English Contests for College Students (NECCS); third prize and best debater

in the FLTRP Cup English Debating Competition;  and "Best Impromptu Speech" and "Audience's Choice Award" in the "CCTV Cup” National English Speech


Since 1978, the English Department has continuously built up its postgraduate programs.  1978 was the year when the specialization of "English Language and

Literature" was designated by the State Council Academic Degree Commission as one of the first of China's postgraduate programs.  Hence, our first research

orientation was modern British and American literature, and this has enjoyed a long history. Scholars of the older generation, such as Xie Wenbing, Zhu

Wenzhen, Wang Zhangshu, and Zhou Kaocheng, laid a solid foundation for its future development.

In 1978 the Department became the first in Western China to confer Masters' degrees for postgraduates of English language and literature.  In the same year,

the Department began to recruit postgraduate students.

The postgraduate education for the specialization of English language and literature has since been consolidated and expanded.  Ours has grown into the

English department with, in the field of the liberal arts, the most comprehensive coverage of research orientations among higher education institutions in

Western China. 

At present, the Department includes a wide range of research orientations.  These include British and American literature, Applied linguistics, American

studies, Canadian cultural studies, European cultural studies, Translation theory and practice, Phonetics, and Modern foreign language teaching and


The graduates of the postgraduate program of the English Department have received recognition wherever they have worked, owing to their solid professional

qualifications and many cultural accomplishments.  In so doing they have earned international respect for themselves and for their Alma Mater.

In 2003, after approval by the Ministry of Education, the specialization of English language and literature was awarded a doctoral program, the first of its

kind in Western China.  The following year, the department began to recruit its doctoral students.  At present, the program has 9 doctoral supervisors and

16 doctoral students.

The English Department attaches great importance to research, and our professors, despite their many classroom obligations, have responded impressively,

obtaining grants for many projects from the National Social Science Foundation, the Social Science Foundation of MOE, and the Foundation for "Central

European Higher Education Cooperation Program". 

The English Department has published a large number of influential academic publications and translations of British and American literary works.  Among

these key and often award-winning works are The Columbia Literary History of the United States (provincial third prize), Comparative Chinese and British

Poetics (Provincial Award for Excellent Academic Achievement in Social Science, and the Provincial Education Commission Award), Theory of Contemporary

American Novels (National Social Science Foundation project), James Joyce: Modern Ulysses (Provincial Second Prize for Social Sciences), Dictionary of

English Grammar (national research project), American Indian Mythology and Literature (third prize of the Provincial People's Government) and Feminine

Mystery (Provincial Third Prize for the Social Sciences).

According to statistics published in December 2005, the English Department has 45 faculty members, including 31 professors and associate professors. The

current enrollment in the department includes 721 undergraduate and 358 M.A and Ph.D students.

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