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Zhou Wei
Zhou Wei, 1956.4, Zhongjiang, Sichuan, JD, professor in Sichuan Law School.
Major: Constitution, Anti-discrimination law, comparative administrative law

1988.7   LLM in SWUPL
1998.7   JD in Wuhan University
Visiting Scholar in German MAX-PLANCK Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Chinese Law Center in the US Yale University School, Temple University in the United States, law school in Oslo University, Norway
He has taken some weighed cases about constitution and anti-discrimination, such as height discrimination, hepatitis B discrimination, gender discrimination, age discrimination , life discrimination and so on at home and abroad.
Director of Human Rights Law Research Center in Sichuan University.

Ⅱ.Academic Achievements
In the recent 5years, he has undertaken some subjects:
1, In 2007, he worked as a leader of a ministerial-level topic in China Law Society, study on equal employment legal protection mechanism in socialist harmonious society,
2, 2006, he worked as a Leader of a Key topic of philosophy and social sciences, Sichuan Province, Building of a Anti-discrimination Legal System in Harmonious Labor Relations
3, In 2006, he worked as a Leader of a project in George Washington University Law School, Employment Discrimination Legal System in China
4, In 2005, he worked as a Leader of a project of Ford Foundation in United States, China's Basic Constitutional Rights and Constitutional Review of Empirical Case
5, In 2004, he worked as chief researcher of a sub-topics of the grant subject, Political Civilization and Constitutional in Socialist, in Education Department, Constitutional Government and the People's Congress System
6, In 2004, he worked as the leader of the project in Law School in University of Oslo in Norway, Anti-discrimination Employment in Western China Legal System
7, In 2003, he worked as the leader of a general subject of National Social Science Fund, Improve the Mechanisms of Remedies for Civil Rights and Practice Research

Academic achievements in recent 5 years:
1. Anti-discrimination Laws Legislative Studies, Law Press, 2008.
2. Public Interest Litigation on Constitutional Equality, Freedom and Anti-discrimination: Case • Process • Comments, Peking University Press. 2008
3. Method of Interpretation of the Constitution and Case studies: the Perspective of the Law Respondents, Law Press,Sep.2007.
4. Basic Constitutional Rights • Theory • Specifications • Application, Law Press, Sep.2006
5. German Administrative Law, translations, Shandong People's Publishing House, Aug. 2008.
6. China Labor Employment Discrimination: Law and Reality, Law Press,Feb.2006.
7. A Comparative Study of National Legislative Committee system, Shandong People's Publishing House, 2005.
8. Study of Basic Constitutional Right to Judicial Relief, Chinese People's Public Security University Press,2003.
9. Constitution , Law Press, Sep.2004.
10. Constitution, China Renmin University Press, Jun.2004.

1. the Process of Full-time and Prospects of the NPC and Its Standing Committee Members, Heibei Law, 2007.
2. The People's Republic of China Academic Proposals for Draft Anti-discrimination Law, Heibei Law, 2007.
3. Note to “The People's Republic of China Academic Proposals for Draft Anti-discrimination Law”, Heibei Law,2007.
4. Empirical Study of Age Discrimination in Employment in China, Political Essays, 2007.
5. the legitimacy of China's labor force employment legislation, Journal of Sichuan University,2006.
6. Study of Legislation against College Graduates Discriminated Employment, Hebei Law, 2006. 
7. Freedom of Communications and the Protection of Correspondence Privacy, Law,2006.
8. the Prohibition of Discrimination, Modern Law,2006.
9. Marriage and the State: the freedom of marriage and Constitutional Dimension, Hebei Law, 2006.
10. Theoretical, Historical, and precedential interpretation in Constitution interpretation, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2005.
11. the main issues in the Legislative of China's Committee reviewed the bill , Xuehai. 2005.
12. Live interpretation of the Constitution - with a clear interpretation of the Constitution and laws of the limits of the Constitution and its Empirical Study, Huang Hai Academic Forum,2005.
13. Inspirations on the interpretation of the Constitution and Judicial Review Case before Constitution1982, Journal of Sichuan Normal University, 2004.
14. the Legislation Equality, Jiangxi Social Sciences,2004.
15. Perfecting the System of Constitutional Supervision,Social Science, Shanghai, 2004.
16. Characteristics and Significance of Constitution interpretation in China, Political and legal,2004.
17. the Methodology of Constitution Interpretation, Social Science Research,2004.
18. A Comparative Study of Constitutional Interpretation organs, Journal of Sichuan University,2004.
19. the Reform of Legislative Process of Integrated Consideration by the NPC Law Committee on the Law Draft, Legal Science,2004.
20. The Reform of the Integrated Consideration of the Draft Law by NPC Law Committee to the Separated Consideration by Various Special Committees of the Legislative Process, Legal Studies,2004.
21. the legal system, Problems and Prospects of China's public information disclosure status , Political Science Research,2003.
22. The status of constitutional litigation, theory and Future in China, Germany-China Law Review,2003.
23. The Empirical Study of legal effect of the law asked and respondents, Anhui University Law Review,2003.
24. Live Interpretation of the Constitution---study on a living case makeup Constitution, Nanjing University Law Review,2003.
25. Comparison of legislative jurisdiction of the Commission, NPC Research,2003.

Awards in the past 5 years
1. The second prize for Philosophy and Social Sciences, Sichuan Provincial People's Government,2007.
2. The third prize for Outstanding Scientific Research, Ministry of Justice Law, 2006.
3. The third prize for Philosophy and Social Sciences, Sichuan Provincial People's Government,2005.
4. The second prize for Outstanding Scientific Research, Ministry of Justice Law, 2003.
International Academic Conference in the past 5years:
1. Speech in Yale University School of Law, China Anti-discrimination Legislative and Cases Recently Development, Apr.19th.2007.
2. Speech in George Washington University Law School, Chinese practice of employment discrimination litigation, Dec.13th.2006.
3. Speech in the Bill of Rights Symposium in West China University, China's anti-discrimination theory and legal practice, 2006.
4. Speech in the need for legislation against discrimination in employment and theoretical framework: conferences and seminars on the project results in China, Study of employment discrimination in western China to see the establishment of the legal system of employment discrimination, Aug.19th. 2006.
5. Speech in international non-governmental organizations forums on HIV / AIDS Legal protection, United States Temple University School of Law, Disease, anti-discrimination and the constitutional right - in the case of hepatitis B as an example of discrimination, Jul.15th.2006.
6. Speech in The equality right and public interest litigation seminar, China's public interest litigation on equal rights, Jun. 9th.2006.
7. Speech in legal-technical and Methods of public interest litigation  for Constitutional equality and employment discrimination, strategies and methods of public interest litigation on employment equality and anti-discrimination, 2006.
8. Speech in Gwangju Asian Human Rights Forum, China's Environmental Law and Environmental Rights, 2005.
9. Speech in Oslo University of Law, Norway, the development of  anti-discrimination laws on employment in China, 2005.
10.  Speech in Turkey University, Finland, litigation of Constitutional equal rights in China, 2005.
11.  Speech in American Bar Association, Women's rights and public interest litigation, 2005.
12.  Speech in Teaching methods of human rights symposium in west China universities, Prohibition of discrimination in public interest litigation in China, 2005.
13.  Speech in EU –China Human Rights Network Seminar, The right to work and its realization, 2004.
14. Speech in City University of Hong Kong School of Law, the latest developments of equality in China's Constitution right, 2004.
15. Speech in cooperation projects of Beijing and Norway Oslo University Seminar, Using the Chinese Equality Clause to Fight Against Employment Discrimination - Discussion On Recent Cases.2004.
16.  Speech in Council On Foreign Relations Committee, Differing Approaches to Constitutional and Institutional Development in China, 2003.
17.  Speech in Asian Law Forum, Yale University School of Law, Constitutional litigation in China, 2003.
18.  Speech in Chinese Law Center in Columbia University School of Law, Recent development of China constitutional litigation, 2003.
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born in JiangYou SiChuan in may 1969,is a bachelor of law and an associate professor in SCU law school.
ZhangBing professor
doctor of law,associate professor ,tutor for graduates.
XuRong professor
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