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Xu Jimin

Xu Jimin(1965.12.14), Professor in Sichuan University Law School, JD, Doctoral tutor.
Major: Administrative Law, Administrative Procedure Law, Evidence system of administrative procedures.

1982~1986  Bachelor's degree in agronomy in Horticulture Department, Southwest Agricultural University
1990~1993    LLM in Administrative Law in SWUPL
2002~2005    JD in Administrative Law and Constitution, Renmin University of China
Used to study in Switzerland Geneva University, British civil service college, French National School of Administration
2002   the reserve candidate of academic leaders (Constitutional Law and Administrative Law),Chongqing
2007   "5 in one" city-level talent in Chongqing.

Professor in Sichuan University Law School, Doctoral tutor
Deputy Attorney General in People's Procuratorate, Yaan, Sichuan

South China Institute of Tropical Crops assistant, Teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor, professor, deputy director of the Faculty of Law, Director in The CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee Party School, The CPC Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Party School and Chongqing Administration College, Degree Assessment Board, Academic Committee.

The Legislative Review Committee of Chongqing Municipal People's Government
Counsel of Co-ordinating urban and rural comprehensive reform Office in Chongqing
Arbitrator of Chongqing Arbitration Commission
Professor of constitutional and administrative law Research Center in Renmin University of China.
part-time professor in SWUPL and Chongqing University

Ⅱ.Academic Achievements
Research topics:
1996, National Social Science Fund projects, Studies on Administrative Punishment Law and the implementation of environmental
2002, The CPC Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Party School funding issues, System of Administrative Evidence
2006, National Social Science Fund, rules of evidence in administrative procedures.
2008, Earthquake subject in Sichuan University, administrative legal issues in Wenchuan earthquake

Main academic achievements in 2003:
General Theory of Administrative Evidence, Law Press, Jul. 2004.
System of Administrative Evidence, China Legal Publishing House, Aug.2006.
Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law, Chongqing University Press, Apr.2003.
Theory and Practice of implementation of the constitution, Chongqing University Press, Jul.2003.
Concept and practice of administration according to law Conflict Studies, Chongqing Publishing House,Jul.2004.
Research on democratization and the rule of law in China, Chongqing Publishing House, Mar. 2005.
Explore Law, Southwest China Normal University Press, Jul.2005.
Administrative Law, Sichuan University Press, 2009.

Analysis of the Swiss constitutional system, published on Modern Law, 2003.
Evidence of the administrative penalty system , published on China Law, 2003.
Improve the way of our Constitution, published on Yunnan Institute of Public Administration,2003.
Public health emergencies, government, social organizations and individual responsibility research, published on Exploraiton, 2003.
Outline of Administrative Evidence , published on Study of constitutional and administrative law, 2003.
Evidence System in the Administrative Procedure Act , published on Hebei Law, 2004
Evidence system on the administrative procedures, published on
Evidence Science Forum, Chinese Procuratorate Press
Words heard in national administrative procedures and Referential significance to China , published on Yunnan Institute of Public Administration, 2004.
Burden of proof and Standard of proof in Administrative review , published on Journal of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee Party School ,2004
Right to education research , published on Hebei Law, 2004.
Studies on evidence system in administrative procedures, published on Constitutional and Administrative law review, 2004.
Standard of proof of Administrative Litigation , published on Twenty-first Century Law Review, 2006.
Study on Selected equality Mode in China's harmonious society, published on Explore Law, 2005.
Evidence System of Administrative Enforcement , published on Contemporary Law, 2006.
Perfectation of "popularization" and the Constitution in thirty years, published on Explore, 2006.
The pluralism of interests and the development trend of China's public administration, published on Chongqing Administration, 2006.
The administrative ruling on the rules of evidence, published on Hebei Law, 2006.
Analysis on China's choice to achieve social equity,  published on Harmonious culture and harmonious society construction, 2006.
The formation of China's administrative rules of evidence, characteristics and development trends, published on Chongqing Administration, 2007.
The plight of disabled adult child dead and Government Responsibility , published on Chongqing Administration, 2007.
The goal of administration by law and Countermeasures in Chongqing, published on Chongqing Economic and Social Development Report, 2007.
Allocation of local authority in China , published on Wangjiang Law, 2007.
Burden of proof in administrative penalty, published on Journal of Sichuan Normal University, 2007.
Analysis of the rules of evidence in U.S. administrative procedures, published on Modern Law, 2008.
Burden of Proof on the beginning of administrative proceedings , published on Hebei Law,2008.
The premise legal analysis of Wenchuan earthquake by the government, published on Realistic,2008.
The local administrative system of innovation and service-oriented government construction , published on Journal of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee Party School,2009.
Study on Earthquake Disaster Relief Administration , published on Yunnan Institute of Public Administration, 2009.

Awards in recent 5 years:
2004   First Prize for The National School of Administration System, the Evidence of the Administrative Penalty System
2005   Third Prize for Chongqing Social Science Achievement , the Evidence of the Administrative Penalty System
2006   Third Prize for Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Progress, Theory and practice of administration according to law Conflict Studies
2006   Third Prize for the outcome of the national party system

III. Social work
1. Giving more than 300 classes for Provincial government, NPC, CPPCC, courts, Procuratorates and other government and Enterprises
2. Paticipating in drafting Implementation Outline for comprehensively promoting administration according to law with State Department in 2003.
3. Paticipating in drafting Police evidence provided for Handling Administrative Cases with Ministry of Public Security in 2004.
4. Drafting Chongqing City in all five-year work plan to promote administration according to law with Chongqing Municipal People's Government in 2004.
5. Drafting Chongqing bidding regulations with Chongqing Municipal People's Government in 2007.
6. Paticipating in drafting the legislation of People's Government and disccussions of the major cases in Chongqing, Sichuan Province and Chengdu.


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born in JiangYou SiChuan in may 1969,is a bachelor of law and an associate professor in SCU law school.
ZhangBing professor
doctor of law,associate professor ,tutor for graduates.
XuRong professor
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