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Wang Jianjun

Wang Jianjun, Professor in Sichuan University Law School, LLM in Criminal Law, Civil and Commercial Law Master Instructor.
Major: Labor Law and Social Security Law

1974, the Standing Committee of Communist Youth League in County, deputy secretary of the Commune Party Committee
1977, study in Sichuan University, major in history. After graduation, History student party branch secretary, Sub-secretary of the Communist Youth League Youth League school faculty in Sichuan University. In 1990, Director in Law School and Deputy Dean of Administration.
1994~1997  pursuing LLM in Criminal Law.
1998 teach in Law School, be promoted to professor in 2007.
1999.5 paticipate in the National Criminal correspondence education teacher training
2002.5  participate in the Department of Capital University of Economics and Labor Economics under the United States labor law training
2004.2  study Labor Law in East China University of Political Science
2004.7  participate in the Swedish International Development Agency projects the Chinese Labor Law teacher training hosted by Peking University. ., School of Law graduated from Stockholm Law School in Sweden.

II. Social activities
Director of Social Studies Research Council and the Labor Law in China Law Society
Director of the Society of Labor and Social Security, Social Insurance Institute, Executive director of Academic Committee of the Medical Insurance Study in Sichuan Province,
Labor and Social Security Expert Advisory Committee, Personnel dispute arbitration committee part-time arbitrators, Union of labor rights protection Overseer in Sichuan Province.
Part-time arbitrator of Labor dispute arbitration in Chengdu,
Lawyer in Sichuan law firm, Consultant for Labor and Personnel Mediation Committee.
He has been invited to give oppinions on the legislation of labor and social security by National People's Congress Law Committee, The State Council Legislative Affairs Office, Provincial People's Congress, Provincial Trade Union, to paticipate in the symposium of social law and labor law and conference of difficult cases on labor disputes and personnel disputes. He is popular for his lectures on Labor Law given in lots of cities in China.

III. International Exchange
1999~2001  expert legal advice for Chengdu Social Security of  World Bank projects in China
2003 Labor Law and the annual International Symposium in Nanjing University
2004   International Seminar on Labor Law, Peking University
2004   International Seminar on Labor Law, People's University
2005  International Seminar on Labor Law, Shanghai East China University of Political Science
2007  International Symposium on the transfer of migrant workers, The Ministry of Commerce, Canadian International Development Agency, The Ministry of Commerce of Chongqing
2007   the auspices of the U.S. Fund for labor law assistance project
2007~2010  International Symposium on the transfer of migrant workers, Canadian International Development Agency
2009   U.S. funds aid projects Labor Law
2009   labor law and the annual International Symposium in Xi'an
2003   invited to visit Supreme court, Procuratorate, IBA, Nagasaki University in Japan.
2006   invited to visit University of Michigan, Philadelphia University, Harvard University
2009   invited to visit Labor inspection, the Occupational Health Departments in Vancouver, Canada, Ottawa.
2009.2.22   invited to the meeting of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Beijing and representatives of Chinese women.

IV. Academic Achievements
2008~2010 National Social Science Fund Subject, Study of Labor Law Enforcement.
2005~2007  Ministry of Education special issue, the reform of legal relief programs work-related injuries.
1999  Social Science Planning key topics in Sichuan Province, Operation of Social Insurance in Sichuan.
1999   Sichuan University Key finance textbooks, Labor Law and Social Insurance Law
2001~2004  National Social Science Fund projects, Urban-rural dual unitary evolution of the social structure of rural economic restructuring: An Empirical Study of the Chengdu Plain
2005~2007  The Ministry of Justice Topics, Legal System for Handling Labor Disputes.
Relief and reconstruction work-related injuries procedural flaws, published on the Legal exploration and Legal practice,Sichuan University Press, May.2009.
Work-related injuries identified: administrative and judicial conflict and to eliminate, be republished by Social Science Research, NPC copy information, Economic Law, Labor Law in 2007.
the right to work outside the prison the offender specification and coordination of conflict of laws, published on Exploration of social justice a decade - China and the Comparative Study of Foreign Labor Law, Peking University Press,2007.
the theory choice of the end of the labor contract, published on Journal of Sichuan University, 2006.
Injury Relief based on concepts of social law setting procedures, published on Labor, 2006.
informal employment in perspective of Chinese Law, published on US-Law, 2006.
Legal protection of occupational safety , published on International Seminar on Labor Law, Peking University, 2006.
the Scientific Definition of the Scope of Accepting Cases of Labor Disputes , published on East China University of Politics and International Seminar on Labor Law, 2006.
the Legal Analysis of the Termination of Labor Contracts, published on Labor, 2005.
Difficulties in Labor Contract Law , published on Annual National Labor Law Seminar-cum-labor contract legislation, 2005.
Rights and object of layoffs, published on Research on Labor Contract Legislation,2005.
System of forced labor contract law and the choice of an arbitrary law, published on Labor, 2004.
Labor Law on the legal protection of informal employment , published on Chinese Labor and Social Security report, 2004.
Expanding the effectiveness of labor law on the scope of human , published on Nanjing International Seminar on Labor Law, 2003.
Research results of social insurance run in Sichuan ,  published on National Social Science Fund in Sichuan province of social science-cum-planning issues referred the outcome of the election, 2004.
Illegal violation identified in our work-related injuries in the Legislative Perfection , republished on Social Science Research,2000
Reference on Taiwan's Labor Dispute Resolution Act restrictions on the conduct of the parties, published on Legal System of the Taiwan Strait, Sichuan University Press,1999.
the Impact of International Convention on amendments of Criminal Law and Its Significance, published on Criminal Law Review, China University of Political Science,1998.
He is the main editor of many textbooks such as Labor Law, Social Security Law, Civil Law, Labor Law and Contract Law.


V. Awards
Second Prize of National Teaching Practice
First Prize of Provincial Teaching Practice
First Prize of Field-grade Teaching Practice
Sichuan University Research Award and the hospital-level field grade Teaching Award
National Labor Law and the provincial and ministerial awards of Labor Institute.
Chengdu prominent contributor to the award of legal aid work


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born in JiangYou SiChuan in may 1969,is a bachelor of law and an associate professor in SCU law school.
ZhangBing professor
doctor of law,associate professor ,tutor for graduates.
XuRong professor
2008 Scientific Research Projects
2007 Scientific research projects
2006 Scientific Research Projects
Main campus address:
Wangjiang campus: section of Chengdu No. 24 Southern Yihuan Code: 610065 | 29 Jiuyanqiao WangjiangRoad,
Chengdu Zip: 610064
Huaxi Campus: Chengdu, People’s SouthRoad was on the 17th Zip: 610041
Jiang’an Campus: Shuangliu County, Chengdu, Sichuan road Zip: 610207
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