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Professor Gu Xin

Gu Xin is from Sichuan province, who graduated from Sichuan University as doctor of Economics Major, Southwest Jiaotong University as post-doctoral students of Management Major. He is backup of academy and technology leading group of Sichuan province. He once presided over more than 10 scientific and research program of National Natural and Scientific Fund, Sichuan Major Scientific Tender Program, and Sichuan Major Soft-science Planning Program etc. As a main member of planning group, he participated in the drawing work of “Sichuan Development Planning of Long-term Science and Technology”. Meanwhile, more than 30 papers was published in the journal “China Soft Science”, “System Engineering Theory and Practice”, “Economic Theory and Management”, “Science Research Management” and “Research and Development Management”, and major international conference proceedings, among which 5 papers were retrieved by EI and ISTP. He also published 1 academic monograph “Study on Regional Innovation System”, and took part in 2 drawing works. He used to be awarded 1 second-level prize of “Sichuan Technology Progress” and 2 third-level prize of “Sichuan Outstanding Achievements on Philosophic and Social Science”.
Motto: Seek truth, be creative, and seek for greater perfection
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