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Professor Xu Jiuping

Professor Xu Jiuping with doctoral degree of Applied Mathematics of Tsinghua University, doctoral degree of Physics and Chemistry of Sichuan University, become professor since 1995. He was awarded National Outstanding Youth Fund, National Youth Technology Prize and International Operational Research Progress Prize. He is a person selected for New Century Talent Project, Leader of academy and technology of Sichuan Province, outstanding expert with great contribution to Sichuan. He also is a doctoral supervisor of Management Science and Engineering in Business School, doctoral supervisor of Physical Research, President of International Management Science and Engineering Management League. He once edited “International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management”, “World Journal of Modeling and Simulation” executively, and also was the associate editor of “Systematic Engineering Theory and Practice”, associate director of National Systematic Engineering Association, member of academic group of Sichuan University, and director of management science and engineering doctoral station.
He once taught more than 60 courses of different types, accounting for more than 20,000 teaching hours. The “Management Economics” and “Management Operational Research” edited by Professor Xu Jiuping, were named as the national “eleventh 5-year plan” planning teaching materials, and also awards as national excellent teaching materials. He also presided over provincial fine-designed courses like “Management Economics” and “Management Operational Research”. He also awarded the fourth Youth Teacher Prize by Ministry of Education in 2002, for his innovation thoughts in teaching reform and scientific research, and well-known outstanding results in teaching and research. From 1994, he has been fostering more than 160 master and doctoral students in fields of Applied Mathematics, Operational Research and Control Theory, Management Science, Enterprise Management, Technology Economy and Management, Education Economy and Management, Physical Education Training Theory and Physical Human and Social Theory.
Professor Xu Jiuping has once presided more than 50 research projects of National Social and Scientific Fund, National Natural and Scientific Fund, National Ministry of Technology, in which there were major biding project of National Social and Scientific Fund, major Projects of National Natural and Social Fund and major project of philosophic and social science of Ministry of Education. More than 300 papers were accepted by core academic journals home and abroad like “IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy Systems”, “Information Sciences”, “Mathematical and Computer Modeling”, “Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing”, “Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making”, “Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics”, “Computers & Industrial Engineering”, “Mathematics and Computers in Simulation”, “Applied Mathematics and Computation”, “Annals of Operations Research”, “Fuzzy Sets and Systems”, “The International Journal of Management Sciences”, “Journal of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment”, “Computers and Mathematics with Applications”, among which more than 100 papers was searched by important academic system SCI, EI, AS of England, AJ of Russia and ZFM of German. He also published more than 30 monographs by Science Press, High Education Press and Economy and Management Press.
He also organized 11 great international conferences, as president of conference for 6 times, and president of organizing committee for 5 times. He once was invited to participate in the cooperation study with the universities and research institutes in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He also is an executive member of Plan and Optimal Seeking Method and Economy Mathematics Research Association in China, member of Industry and Applied Mathematics Association, Associate Director of Physical Distribution Profession of Systematic Engineering Association in China, Associate Director of Planning Science Association of Operational Research Association in China, Associate Director of Uncertainty Branch Association of Operational Research Association in China, Associate Director of Enterprise Branch Association of Operational Research Association in China, Associate Director of Sichuan System Engineering Association, Associate Director of Sichuan Industry and Applied Mathematics Association. He also was once one of editing committee of “International Journal of Sports Science and Engineering”, “China Management Science”, “Systematic Engineering and Electronic Technology”, “Study and Research of World Technology”, “Journal of Management”, “Journal of Sichuan University”(philosophy and social science edition) etc.
Motto: Management should be adapted to the nature law, while reason with evolution.
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