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Professor David D.Yao of Columbia University Industrial Engineering Department was invited to the Exchange Visit

  On the afternoon of June 6 , Professor of Department of Industrial Engineering, Columbia University David D. Yao was invited by Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management to come to College of Business Administration of Sichuan University to do a lecture for the Faculty , Bo , Master graduate , undergraduate in our School. Xiang Chaojin--director of the DPRK presided the lecture, which attracted nearly a hundred teachers and students of the School of Business and Management to listen to the report.
  Professor David D. Yao obtained doctor’s degree in 1983 at University of Toronto, Canada, at the same year he began his academic career at Columbia University Department of Industrial Engineering in Columbia. He was promoted to full professor in 1988 and has the qualification of being a Professor in Edison Chair in 1992. Professor David D. Yao also taught at Harvard University and Yale University, and has worked at famous IBM TJ Watson Research Center for long-term part-time . Professor David D. Yao was the member of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Fellow, U.S. Operations and Management Science Society of INFORMS Fellow, and the Guggenheim Fellow. He had won President of the United States Youth Research Award (1987-1992) , U.S. Operations and Management Science Society (1999) , Franz Edelman Award, IBM Faculty Award (2006), as well as a number of IBM invention achievement award .
  David D. Yao professor was a widely published author. He had eight monographs, nearly 200 scientific papers, besides, he served on the editorial board of several major academic journals ( including the top international journals Operations Research, Management Science, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Queueing Systems, Naval Research Logistics, IEEE Transactions, Operations Research Letters).
  In the lecture entitled Lecture on Stochastic Models, Professor David D. Yao focused on the comparison between the random variables and described the practical application problem in the system scheduling (Scheduling) and queuing (Queuing ) model. The concise and skilled mathematical literacy and highly application opinions of the Professor David D. Yao triggered enthusiastic response among teachers and classmates. At the end of lecture, Professor David D. Yao answered the questions asked by present teachers and classmates, with which they went through a sincere communication. Besides, he used interesting examples to inspire people how to do research. This lecture let all the teachers and students in our school have a valuable opportunity to get a close contact with international masters and listen to the Masters excellent ideas.


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