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Department of Management Science and Department of Systems Science strengthen international academic exchange
   To strengthen international academic exchanges and cooperation, and to promote the comprehensive development of the research work, on 10 am of June 14, 2012, in the Business & Administration School Building 717 conference room, the Department of Management Science and the Department of Systems Science made an exchange seminar with Canada Alberta University Professor Lin Guohui who was a well-known scholar in the international field of optimization algorithm.
    The meeting was presided over by the teacher Liu Xin who was the deputy director of the Department of Management Science and Systems Science. Professor Lin Guohui firstly introduced the algorithm design and its related research areas, with some of the latest developments in the international arena, then he shared his research results and experience. Professor Lin also conducted in-depth exchanges with the participating teachers. Professor Li Xiaofeng and Professor Lin Guohui made an in-depth discussion on the latest algorithm. Professor Wang Xianyu and Professor He Changzheng discussed about the part of optimizing the problems in the study of Professor Lin Guohui. Young teachers attending the meeting also consulted Professor Lin Guohui about their interested questions and how to do the research work .All of these questions, Professor Lin Guohui gave detailed answers.
    Through this exchange and discussion, a lot of the participating teachers feel benefit in broadening their horizons and having a better grasp of the international forefront of algorithm design, data mining research questions. It also provided a good help for better carrying out related research work in the future .
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