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The second session of the college students Career Planning and Development Elite Forum of the College of Business Administration was successfully held

   On November 16, 2012, 3:00 pm, organized by the Institute of Mental Health and the Career Development Center of the College of Business Administration, hosted by the College of Business Administration Career Planning and Development Association, the second session of the college students of the College of Business Administration, Sichuan University Career Planning and Development Elite Forum was successfully held in The Hall 205 of the College of Business Administration. The forum invited five executives from Foxconn Group, Shougang Changzhi Iron Group, Hong Kong high Dulwich Tasman investment holding company, digital technology as well as the Dashi Management Consultants Limited company. They brought this career planning and development experience sharing forum in his busy schedule for the Sichuan University business students’s desire to listen to Valuable working experience. Humorous, simple ,practical, and high-end cutting-edge, guests with their life experiences of decades of hard working  and deep charisma  attracted  the every present student. Nation-owned enterprises, Taiwan-funded enterprises, investment companies, consulting firms and the full range of the type of business combination is a diversified platform for students of different professions ,and also become a bright indispensable spot in the Elite Forum.
  The Forum included sharing personal experiences and interacting with the students two parts.The whole event has always been at the climax stage. The students listened carefully to the explanation of the entrepreneurs, to find their own answers to the various doubts about job from the content of what the entrepreneurs were talking about. At last, the mental health and career development center director teacher Wu Xiao raised the issues on behalf of the students directed the Forum to the climax. The executives have expressed their point of view, given advice, so that every student have benefited a lot. The whole event lasted for two-and-a-half hours, the Forum concluded successfully last in Wu's concluding remarks.
Through this type of forum, the students have the opportunity to make face-to-face communication with the entrepreneurs, and to raise various questions in the career planning and development.These future employers can give direct advice and guidance to our students on their own clear positioning and the establishment of clear objectives. Such activities will continue later, and will give the more effective guidance and more pragmatic and efficient solutions to the students doubts.


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