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The Outward Development for The Class of 2017 International Students at Business School of Sichuan University Has Been Successful Completed

On October 2017 21st and 22nd, the class of 2017 international students in International Business at Sichuan University Business School and 12 Chinese volunteers students take an active part in the outward development training. The place is located in Piduqumamanongzhuang, and this is the first time after the start of the first session for undergraduate students formal team activity. This outdoor development is a novel way to help people understand each other and to be familiar with each other. It also lays a good foundation for the life of our classmates in the future studying life. It also provides a great opportunity for Chinese and foreign students to communicate with each other.

The theme of this development is: Jianghu PK, the core goal is "team melting, happy experience". All participants were randomly divided into four categories, each with red, pink, yellow and blue t-shirts. And each of them has his own master, bodyguard, and players.

On the afternoon of October 21, after the lunch break, the students refreshed their challenges according to the map. Under the guidance of the coach, all the students have participated actively in various team tasks. For example, the first task is Lingboweibu, and the whole members need to use the PVC pipe to transfer the limited resources "water" from one side to the other side (about 10 meters) during the limited time. This challenge can let all members realize that trust and constant communication between team members can maximize resources.

Then, the second task is lost in the forest; each team can only choose one member with the eyes that be the last one in the line, other members with a blinder need to follow the last member’s command to find items that the coach asked for.

The task three is thunder drums, and each member pulls a piece of string, in the allotted time, the coach would count how many times the ball can hit the drum.

The task 4 is called mountains and oceans, which means each member need to stand erect on a platform of more than one meter tall, and he or she will fall back to the other members with their arms.

On October 22nd, though the weather was not beautiful, it rained, but it did not stop the students to participate in the new day's challenge. They have fun with their teammate, and they are getting closer than the first day of this outward development.

Every member of the team is doing his or her best for his or her team, trying to complete the tasks assigned by the coach, not giving up, undaunted, understanding and doing his best. Understand the importance of teamwork. They also experienced the process of body language communication and soul communication. Although only a two-day activity, really the students broke the shyness and strangeness between members, enhanced mutual understanding for trusting and teamwork spirit.

"We are family!! "


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