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Delegates from Busienss School of University of Connecticut Including Director of Career Service Peter Bennet Visited Our Business School of SCU


At 10:30 a.m. on January 12, 2018, director of career service at the Business School of University of Connecticut, Peter Bennett, and international program manager, Jiajia Chen, visited our business school. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the curriculum of financial risk management programs, training programs and Sino-American cultural contents, and also actively discussed collaboration mechanisms and project exchange formats in the future.


On one hand, director of academic graduate office of SCU Business School, Jing Xu, and associate professor at Sichuan University school of corporate finance, Qianwei Ying, introduced our school respectively in the history, culture, talent cultivation, and discipline construction. Then, director of international office of SCU Business School, Rui Chen, not only introduced the basic situation of the international collaboration programs of our business school, but also shared the current situation and future development trend of school exchanging collaboration with schools and universities abroad in recent years. At the same time, associate professor, Qianwei Ying, considering the needs of the modern market for financial talents, pointed out the importance of financial risk management that should be emphasized. Then, he hoped that the collaboration between us can offer more exchanging opportunities and learning platforms to students.


On the other hand, International program manager of University of Connecticut, Jiajia Chen, introduced the history, culture, teaching features and research strength about their business school. She mentioned that they really want to work with us for collaboration of graduated programs, and It could offer more suitable related programs to students. In the end, Peter Bennett, director of career service of the University of Connecticut, mainly introduced some details about their graduating programs, and talked about a series of related information about students’ career plan. He really hoped that they could establish collaboration with our school in a positive way by providing their advantage field of customizing development path to students.

Written by Bingjie Wei

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Uconn is a public research university in the U.S. State of Connecticut. Uconn was founded in 1881 and supported by the various aspects. It has set more than 70 scientific research centers altogether, including faculty, graduates, and undergraduates working together. It aims on offering public education level and protecting national nature energy. Uconn has 10 schools on its main campus, including Business School, Law School, School of Social Sciences, School of Medicine, Health Center, and so on. It is all for cultivating students.

Uconn can award diploma of associate degree, bachelor degree, master degree, and Ph.D. degree. It sets majors widely. It sets up many hot courses, including business administration, life sciences, engineering, education, etc. At the same time, it sets a language center in order to help non-native speaking students improve their English skills quickly. Then, open online courses for students to learn by themselves conveniently.

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