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The ideological and political theory teaching in a comprehensive research-oriented university must have its own characteristics and advantages. We must promote ideological and political theory teaching through scientific research and discipline construction. With low research level, a teacher can not be truly accepted by the students, without the support of a strong platform for discipline construction, the college in charge of ideological and political theory teaching can not become a strong base for Marxist theory education. Thus, the college attaches great importance to research and discipline construction. In recent years, the college has made prominent achievements in scientific research and has leapt to the front in the university’s liberal arts research achievements ranking, meanwhile the discipline construction has also made gratifying achievements. When the College of Political Sciences was founded, there was no master program and undergraduate specialties. Through our efforts, the first master program "Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education" was approved in 2002, the first undergraduate specialty "International Politics" was approved in 2003, and the second postgraduate program "Political Theory " was approved in 2004. In year 2006 there was a greater development of discipline construction. Seizing the historical opportunity of the implementation of Marxist Theory Construction Project by our country, we successfully applied for two primary disciplines for master degree, "Marxist Theory" and "Politics", which covers 10 second level disciplines for master degree. What’s more gratifying, we successfully applied for the doctoral program, "Study of Marxism in China", fulfilling the zero doctoral program breakthrough in our college. The development in research and discipline construction has created a dense academic atmosphere for our college, and has greatly improved the quality of undergraduate teaching in our college.



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