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The Second Stage of “The lecture for current situations” Held in the College of Marxism
The second stage of “The lecture for current situations” is held successfully in the reporting hall C407, functional building of Jiang An campus on 7 PM in May 15th, 2011. Sun Shouhua, the researcher and the deputy chief engineer of NPIC, gave a wonderful academic lecture called “nuclear: blessing or disaster?” Jiang Yongmu, the dean of the college of Marxism, Liu Lvhong, the associate professor and the vice dean of the college of Marxism and other teachers attended the lecture. The lecture is hosted by Professor Jiang Yongmu.
The researcher Sun Shouhua explained some professional knowledge about nuclear technology, such as nuclear weapons, nuclear power, isotopes and nuclear radiation with professional perspectives, pointed out the danger of nuclear weapons to humans’ existence, indicated the value of isotope and radiation technology on human beings, and expounded the huge role nuclear technology playing in the national economy. Then Sun Shouhua carefully interpreted nuclear industry from the aspects of fuel industry, reactor industry, radiation industry, nuclear,etc, analyzed the reasons of nuclear accidents in Japan and situations of nuclear power stations in China, made a scientific interpretation of the safety, reliability, cleaning, economy and other aspects of nuclear, and pointed out some misunderstandings ordinary people have on nuclear. In the session of raising questions, students had a heated discussion and active communication with the guest speaker about various related problems and consequences of nuclear technology.
After the lecture, students expressed that the guest speaker of "the lecture for current situations" made a deep interpretation about various political hot issues, and they could know about the news ,learn some new thinking methods and research angles, increase their knowledge and give fresh and new feeling. Students benefit a lot from it and hope that more second classes combined with political, ideological, knowledgeable and professional aspects will be held.


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