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President Xie and His Party Arrived at Our Institute to Investigate the Five-Year Development Planning
In the morning of May 6th, in the company of Executive Vice President Li Hong, Deputy Secretary Zhou Xuedong, Deputy Secretary and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Xu Lan, Vice Principal An Xiaoyu, Deputy Secretary Li Xiangcheng and other related comrades from Party Committee Office, Office of the President, Personnel Department, Office of Academic Affairs, Social Science Office, Graduate Institute, “985”Engineering and Discipline Construction Office, Equipment Office, Financial Office, National Material Office and Development Research Center, President Xie Heping came to the college of Marxism to make a research about the five-year development planning.
Secretary of the Party committee, Professor Gao Zhongwei hosted the symposium. On behalf of our institute, Secretary Gao extended a warm welcome to President Xie and sincerely thanked him for his long-time support and care to the work of our institute.
Professor JiangYongmu reported situation, thoughts, target and measures of the development and guarantee measures to President Xie. In the report, Dean Jiang described the bottleneck of the development in the institute, put forward the objectives urgently to be promoted, and prospected the "five projects" and "five dreams" of great-leap-forward development for our institute.
After listening to college principal’s report, President Xie gave an important speech. He affirmed the achievements in the past five years, especially the effective second-class education such as "theme speech" activity, showed supports and encouragements to development ideas and actions to be taken of our institute. President Xie said, the college of Marxism undertakes a major political responsibility, and it is the backbone of ideological and political education for college students. He demanded the college of Marxism to conscientiously implement the ideological and political requirements from the central government, strengthen discipline  and curriculum system construction, further enhance the impact of ideological and political theory course on college students' growing. The college of Marxism should strengthen the work of "introduction from outside and foster inside", establish high level teaching and scientific research team, and make contributions to help and guide cadres, teachers and students to grasp the system of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics to implement core values of socialism.
Accompanying school leaders and related department principals had a communication with related comrades about some concrete development problems of our institute.


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